How, when and why Hillsong banned ‘ex-gay’ (conversion therapy) referrals

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How, when and why Hillsong banned ‘ex-gay’ referrals This is an extensive article of several 1000 words. You can read individual sections by clicking on the headings below. Or you can download the PDF HERE Another controversy.  What is an anti-gay church?.  Brian Houston and AVB - the early days.  The ‘ex-gay’ story begins.  The [...]

Marty Sampson and the spiritual journey

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Hillsong's Marty Sampson has shaken up the Pentecostal and Evangelical worlds by declaring on social media his faith is on shaky ground. This is familiar territory for many of us, especially if we are LGBTI from that background. Some years back, I came across an incredibly insightful article 'Stages of Faith - A Map for [...]

Hillsong and conversion therapy – what really happened

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FULL ARTICLE How, when and why Hillsong banned ‘ex-gay’ referrals HERE  Do you know about the recent Hillsong drama? It involved Chris Pratt, a Hillsong-attending award winning actor, famous for his roles in “The Lego Movie,” “Jurassic World,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” Ellen Page, multi-award winning Canadian actress who is a declared atheist and [...]

Roman Catholic and Hillsong Church’s Homosexual Hip Hop

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In an extraordinary week, both the Catholic Church and Hillsong appeared to be making progress re their attitude, if not their beliefs, about LGBT people. It's a dance. Two steps forward one back. Roman Catholic Church Two steps forward At the Vatican, a Shift in Tone Toward Gays and Divorce One step back Pope Francis [...]

Challenges for LGBTI people from Pentecostal/Charismatic backgrounds

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Why is it so hard? Resolving the perceived conflict of faith and sexuality is a difficult path for most people from a traditional/conservative Christian culture. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people from Pentecostal or Charismatic backgrounds have specific needs to be addressed in order to resolve that internal conflict. LGBT people from Pentecostal and Charismatic [...]

Australian conversion therapy ministry appoints new leader….but

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One of the few remaining ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy organisations in Australia has announced the appointment of a new leader after the resignation of Haydn Sennitt last year. The December newsletter reads: "The Liberty Committee is excited to announce that Allan Starr has been appointed as our new part-time Pastoral Worker. He will begin with us in [...]

Hillsong: Pastor Brian Houston and the pink elephant in the room

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Pastor Brian Houston talks about the pink elephant in the room Contrary to popular opinion, homosexuality or the 'gay issue' is not often mentioned from Hillsong pulpits; for or against. On Sunday 18 August 2013, Hillsong's Senior Pastor, Brian Houston, preached a message that  was broadcast to all Hillsong congregations around the world in over [...]

Ex-gay and an Ex-ex-gay – journalist student assignment

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Ex-gay and an Ex-ex-gay Anthony Venn Brown and Ron Brookman are two men who at first glance seem to have a lot in common. They are almost the same age, living in the same city, both are fathers and both of them are active in the church. The one major difference between the two is [...]

LNP Fiona Simpson should come clean on ‘ex-gay’ issue

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8/10/11 The introduction of a bill in Queensland parliament to allow gay civil unions has brought to light some deep seated anti-gay views and the belief that homosexuals can change, still existing in the minds of some Australian politicians. It has been revealed that Queensland MP Fiona Simpson, made statements in 2002 that she knows ‘former’ homosexuals [...]

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