A Life of Unlearning

Greetings from Michael Kirby AC CMG for #abbi10

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Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI) celebrated its 10-year anniversary recently with a Gala Dinner at the Novotel Sydney Central. Greetings and congratulations came in from LGBTQ and faith leaders from around Australia and the world. The Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG send this message in his absence. "I remember meeting and talking with Anthony [...]

Faith, Sexuality and Gender Identity – creating new narratives

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Faith, Sexuality and Gender Identity - creating new narratives LGBTQIA+ Leadership & Allyship Summit "Anthony's presentation 'Faith, Sexuality and Gender Identity' was a compelling, powerful, and surprisingly hilarious keynote at our LGBTQIA+ Leadership and Allyship Summit in Sydney. Not only was he the equal top-rated speaker for the event, he tackled a deeply personal but [...]

The Rainbow Advocate – Anthony Venn-Brown

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  In this episode of The Rainbow Advocate, Evalyn Venture speaks to Anthony Venn-Brown OAM. They talk about his experiences being gay within a conservative church, being drafted by the military, conversion practices, AIDS and HIV, and his book – A Life of Unlearning. Subscribe or Follow Us: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS https://www.facebook.com/therainbowadvocate

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia – Anthony Venn-Brown

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The Latest in LGBTIQ+ Health and Policy is a podcast that brings you the health and well-being hot topic discussions that matter to LGBTIQ+ people. In this episode, we chat with Anthony Venn Brown, co-founder of Freedom2b and founder and CEO of Ambassadors and Bridge Builders International. Anthony had previously been a leader in the [...]

Moving forward – Chapter 21 A Life of Unlearning (2nd ed)

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Chapter 21 A Life of Unlearning (2nd edition) - Moving forward The first and second  editions of A Life of Unlearning sold out. Information about the 3rd edition HERE  The week after the launch of the first edition of A Life of Unlearning, I invited the Honourable Justice Michael Kirby to lunch. This would be a [...]

Epilogue – A Life of Unlearning 2004

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Epilogue - A Life of Unlearning– coming out of the church, one man’s struggle'. Published by New Holland. (2004 edition) Who should I blame for the heartache and trauma I went through? Can I blame the denominational leaders for their lack of understanding? Can I blame my friends in the ministry who deserted me in [...]

Human Rights Conference – Sydney World Pride 2023

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Presentation at the Human Rights Conference Sydney World Pride 2023 Anthony Venn-Brown OAM Founder and CEO of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International Author of the bestseller A Life of Unlearning Watch on ABC iView (Starts at 15:45) “In 1952, the year after I was born, the American Psychiatric Association released their first Diagnostic Statistic [...]

Why I chose NOT to be a “gay activist”

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Walking home alone, after speaking at my first gay rights rally in 2005. I couldn’t understand why I felt so empty and deflated.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have the skills to communicate with a crowd. As a high-profile preacher in Australia’s Pentecostal world, I used to preach to congregations in their 1,000s every weekend. [...]

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