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What the Bible really says about homosexuality (Part 2)

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Homosexuality, Christianity and the Church (Part 2) What does the Bible really say about homosexuality To download audio, right click here and save. You can download the PDF transcript HERE. Founder of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International, Anthony Venn-Brown, was the first openly gay man invited to speak in an Australian evangelical bible [...]

National Faith and Marriage Equality Forum

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National Faith and Marriage Equality Forum Parliament House, Canberra (NB: In the video I mention Impact Church Adelaide. This was meant to be Activate Church. It has been corrected in the text below)                 Dr Gavriel Ansara (Rosh Pinah: An Affirming Orthodox Jewish Network),  Rev Dr Peter Catt [...]

My Deep Water, a murder and A Life of Unlearning

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Australians have recently been exposed to the chilling real-life drama series, Deep Water, and subsequent documentary. Deep Water is based on the true stories of over 80 gay men who were murdered in Sydney in the 1980’s and 1990’s [1].Thirty of these cases remain unsolved [2]. Many of the original cases were written off as suicides [...]

‘Welcoming, but not affirming’: being gay and Christian

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‘Welcoming, but not affirming’: being gay and Christian August 30, 2016 1.11pm AEST on The Conversation Author Mark Jennings   Lecturer in Religious Studies, Murdoch University It may seem like LGBT people and conservative Christians inhabit two different worlds. But with 40% of same sex couples in Australia identifying as Christian, LGBT people are likely to [...]

REPORT: Half of LGB Americans Identify As Christian

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REPORT: Half of LGB Americans Identify As Christian By Eliel Cruz Originally published on May 12 2015 7:10 PM ET More LGB Americans consider themselves Christian than ever before. In a new Pew Research Center report, 48 percent of LGB Americans identify as Christian, up from 42 percent in 2013. The statistic contrasts the [...]

Gay Males from Christian backgrounds – fragmented, conforming or integrated

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Over the years I have observed that gay males from Christian backgrounds often go through a process. It begins with fragmentation through to conforming and some make it to integration. Our real self is the gay self. We may have turned to Christianity because of our homosexuality or discovered it growing up as Christian young [...]

Has Australian Ex-gay become Gay Christian with a Twist? (Liberty Christian Ministries)

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In a surprising move, one of Australia's remaining ex-gay/reparative/conversion organisations, Liberty Christian Ministries (LCM) has invited a gay Christian, Dr Wesley Hill, to speak at their conference this  week. Liberty Christian Ministries is a part of Exodus Global Alliance, which has continued to preach 'freedom from homosexuality' message even after Exodus International admitted that people don't change their orientation [...]

Roman Catholic and Hillsong Church’s Homosexual Hip Hop

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In an extraordinary week, both the Catholic Church and Hillsong appeared to be making progress re their attitude, if not their beliefs, about LGBT people. It's a dance. Two steps forward one back. Roman Catholic Church Two steps forward At the Vatican, a Shift in Tone Toward Gays and Divorce One step back Pope Francis [...]

The Specific Challenges for LGBTQ people from Pentecostal/Charismatic backgrounds

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Why is it so hard? Resolving the perceived conflict of faith, sexuality and/or gender identity is a difficult path for most people from a traditional, conservative Christian culture. LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) people from Pentecostal or Charismatic backgrounds have specific needs to be addressed in order to resolve the internal conflict and the [...]

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