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Gay Males from Christian backgrounds – fragmented, conforming or integrated

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Over the years I have observed that gay males from Christian backgrounds often go through a process. It begins with fragmentation through to conforming and some make it to integration. Our real self is the gay self. We may have turned to Christianity because of our homosexuality or discovered it growing up as Christian young [...]

Stages of Coming Out and Reconciling Our Sexual Identity

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Coming out and resolving our sexuality is rarely simple and often difficult. It is a process and a journey. There is no timetable either. I have worked with teens who have reached the final step of celebration and people in their 60s who have just arrived at stage 7.  Several factors can thwart the process [...]

The Specific Challenges for LGBTQ people from Pentecostal/Charismatic backgrounds

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Why is it so hard? Resolving the perceived conflict of faith, sexuality and/or gender identity is a difficult path for most people from a traditional, conservative Christian culture. LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) people from Pentecostal or Charismatic backgrounds have specific needs to be addressed in order to resolve the internal conflict and the [...]

What are the stages of coming out of the closet?

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The idea of coming out is older than many realize but it has taken nearly one and half centuries for the concept to become widely spread and experienced.  History In 1869 the German homosexual rights advocate Karl Heinrich Ulrichs talked about coming out as a means of emancipation. Ulrichs claimed that invisibility was a major [...]

Suffering, death, resurrection. Easter, it’s a gay journey

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When Living Waters announced they were closing down, I decided a good way to mark the event was to hold a vigil for members of the LGBTQ community, straight friends, and allies. It was a terrible night weather wise, and at the last minute we had to move it from outdoors at Taylor Square to the [...]

What is closet hokey pokey?

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They're out. They're in. They're out. They're in. They're out. They're in.  They are playing closet hokey pokey. Closet hokey pokey’ is a phenomena I have observed working with gay men and lesbians from faith backgrounds for many years now. Closet hokey pokey doesn't occur as frequently amongst those from non-faith backgrounds. If you come [...]

Ex-gay = contradictions, denial and mental gymnastics

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When people say they are struggling with unwanted same sex attraction and seek to be ex-gay, their minds play all manner of crazy tricks on them in order to keep the hope alive. Insidious denial, contradictions and mental gymnastics are the only way they can maintain the ex-gay facade. It's a sad and tragic reality [...]

Son Comes Out to Father in a Restaurant – Not Good… first

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What happens when a son comes out to his Dad in a public restaurant in Utah. video platform video management video solutions video player  Coaching programs available for gay, lesbian, bisexual clients Strategic coming out Gay but in a straight marriage Faith/sexuality Conflict Living authentically Life after the closet More info here

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