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A Life of Unlearning more relevant now than ever

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Fifteen years ago, in 2004, 'A Life of Unlearning - coming out of the church, one man's struggle' hit Australian book and department store shelves. I had no idea that: It would become an Australian bestseller and sell out twice There'd be two more revised and updated editions It would change the lives of literally 1,000s [...]

How celibacy became the new “ex-gay”

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There are three ways you could understand how celibacy became the new ex-gay. You could have lived through the evolution, you are a researcher/historian, or you can read this article. I was born in 1951. In the 50’s and 60’s gay men were either imprisoned or institutionalised as they were considered sexual perverts. Mental health [...]

Conversion Therapy – does it work?

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Three men with three very different stories and experiences of ex-gay, reparative or what has become known conversion therapy. Meet comedian and Gay Conversion School Drop Out Anthony Menchetti, author and gay Christian advocate Anthony Venn-Brown and former leader of Liberty Christian Ministries, Haydn Sennitt. Anthony Venn-Brown, details his 6 months in an ex-gay residential program, [...]

SYDNEY – Exodus to Nowhere – the quest to cure queers

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EXODUS TO NOWHERE The quest to cure queers There is a commonly held belief that gay conversion programs began in the United States. This is not true. Four years before Exodus was founded, in 1972, in Sydney Australia, Anthony Venn-Brown was in a residential program to change his sexual orientation. Working on his current book [...]

Pray away the gay conversion therapy still takes place in Australia (Australian Doctor)

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'Pray away the gay'- conversion therapy still takes place in Australia Tessa Hoffman | 29 February, 2016 | A crackdown on ‘gay conversion’ therapists raises questions about how widespread the practice still is. Australian Doctor investigates. When, as a teenager, Paul Martin (pictured above) discovered he was attracted to other young men, it sent him [...]

Review of Alan Chambers “My Exodus – from fear to grace”

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My Exodus: Leaving the Slavery of Religion, Loving the Image of God in Everyone by Alan Chambers My rating: 4 of 5 stars "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one" so the saying goes. Never was a truer word spoken about what people think of Alan and Leslie Chambers. This memoir, mostly written by Alan [...]

Sexual orientation change efforts within religious contexts

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Sensoria - A Journal of Mind, Brain, and Culture Special edition on Gender and Sexuality Sexual orientation change efforts within religious contexts: A personal account of the battle to heal homosexuals Anthony Venn-Brown Abstract Societies where ignorance and misinformation about sexuality and gender identity abounds have been breeding grounds for much harm to lesbian, gay, [...]

Jim Marjoram – former Living Waters Leader

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Being gay was something I couldn’t put words to as a child, being attracted to guys was simply how I was wired. But it was always “wrong” and filled me with shame, so after a spiritual experience at 15, I determined to become straight, going through every form of Christian therapy I could find to [...]

Push to ban conversion therapy growing (ABC)

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Obama moves to ban gay conversion 'therapy' Isabella Higgins reported this story on Monday, July 27, 2015 From The World Today ABC website. You can Listen online to this interview here ELEANOR HALL: Psychiatric therapies designed to convert people to heterosexuality may sound like something from an outdated era, but gay conversion therapies are still [...]

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