Conversion therapy survivor

My life is over. Somehow I’m born this way. I cannot change.

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My life is over. Somehow I’m born this way. I cannot change. I’m totally unacceptable to God and the “church” and destined for hell because of who I am. Before 1990, I was a youth leader in a few different NSW church youth groups. I asked the senior leadership about homosexuality. They made it VERY [...]

My journey has been fraught with turmoil, pain, and confusion

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I am now 41 years old and a married gay man, but my journey has been fraught with turmoil, pain, and confusion, primarily due to my upbringing in a very religious household that rejected my sexual orientation. In 2007, after ending my first serious gay relationship of 18 months. I reached out to an organization [...]

I never went through a conversion “therapy” program but…

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I never went through a conversion “therapy” program but… I was 20 years old, and a Christian when I first met Sy Rogers.  I knew my Assemblies of God church was against homosexuality. I was in the closet and severely troubled. I was invited to a small private meeting in an upstairs’ room in Hindley St, [...]

We were all living a lie, deceiving ourselves and others

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I knew from a young age that I was different, and it was very apparent when puberty started, that I was not at all attracted to girls and was interested in guys instead. During the late 1960s and 70s, I struggled to understand and navigate life in a time and culture that was not accepting [...]

My family believes gays can be cured

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"These church organizations, which have offered ‘treatment’ for homosexuality, create a distance between their non-heterosexual children and their misguided parents, as has been the case for me." I am a gay 37-year cisgendered male living in southern Sydney and raised in a fundamental Christian family. My family believes gays can be cured. They attend a [...]

Is my family better off with a gay dad or a dead dad?

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"The years of self-hate had led me to the darkest point of my life. I had no neutral support to help me reconcile my feelings with the teachings of the church. I was shattered, alone, and deeply confused! My mindset and mantra at this time was focussed on the question: “Is my family better off [...]

My trans daughter or my church – that’s the choice I was given

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"Essentially the Pastor was giving me two choices. Either to be a part of his church as we were before, mother and son, or continue to affirm my child’s gender and lose my entire church family. I chose my trans daughter." I am the proud mother of a trans daughter who is now 18 years [...]

I’m a survivor of LGBTQ conversion practices and 22 years old

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"My family still don't comprehend the extent of what happened to me and the church continues to flourish, embracing homophobia in their sermons and social media posts." In 2016, I was approached by a neighbour who went to my high school and invited me to a particular megachurch. His brother was the youth pastor. I was [...]

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