Conversion therapy survivor

My family believes gays can be cured

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"These church organizations, which have offered ‘treatment’ for homosexuality, create a distance between their non-heterosexual children and their misguided parents, as has been the case for me." I am a gay 37-year cisgendered male living in southern Sydney and raised in a fundamental Christian family. My family believes gays can be cured. They attend a [...]

Is my family better off with a gay dad or a dead dad?

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"The years of self-hate had led me to the darkest point of my life. I had no neutral support to help me reconcile my feelings with the teachings of the church. I was shattered, alone, and deeply confused! My mindset and mantra at this time was focussed on the question: “Is my family better off [...]

My trans daughter or my church – that’s the choice I was given

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"Essentially the Pastor was giving me two choices. Either to be a part of his church as we were before, mother and son, or continue to affirm my child’s gender and lose my entire church family. I chose my trans daughter." I am the proud mother of a trans daughter who is now 18 years [...]

I’m a survivor of LGBTQ conversion practices and 22 years old

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"My family still don't comprehend the extent of what happened to me and the church continues to flourish, embracing homophobia in their sermons and social media posts." In 2016, I was approached by a neighbour who went to my high school and invited me to a particular megachurch. His brother was the youth pastor. I was [...]

A “pray the gay away” survivor tells his story

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"Telling someone who is already psychologically struggling that they are “holding onto sin” is horrifying. Saying to that person that the reason they are not changing is that they don’t have enough faith or don’t really want to change can be life-threatening. I attempted suicide numerous times during that period of my life. I ended [...]

Sy Rogers misled me and I tried to be straight for the next 27 years

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Sy Rogers misled me and I tried to be straight for the next 27 years "I was 20 years old, and a Christian when I first met Sy Rogers. I was in the closet and severely troubled as  I knew the Assemblies of God church I attended opposed homosexuality. I was invited to a [...]

Conversion “therapy” survivors – testimonials not found on “change is possible” sites

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Below you will read some extracts from the many 100's of emails I have received from readers of my autobiography 'A Life of Unlearning' and others who contacted me after coming out of 'ex-gay' programs or reparative therapy or were a part of my Yahoo ex-gay survivors group I ran since 2000. Many of these [...]

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