Conversion therapy survivor

Aaron Kelly tells his powerful story – a gay man who was a pastor

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"Continually chasing ‘healing’ is the only way forward many LGTBQ Christians can see, with practices that subtly brainwash individuals into believing their core identity is sinful. I’ve attended multiple conferences where speakers urge people to come to the stage for “freedom” from the “sin of homosexuality and sexual perversion”. Often hundreds of people run to [...]

Jeremy – gay teen, Opus Dei, Catholicism, Courage International

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Jeremy, as a gay teen, experienced a dangerous mix of Opus Dei, a committed Roman Catholic family and school, a Catholic suppression/celibacy organisation and misguided priests and therapists. I knew I was gay from 13 years old, and came out to my friends and family a few years later. I grew up in the conservative [...]

My life is over. Somehow I’m born this way. I cannot change.

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My life is over. Somehow I’m born this way. I cannot change. I’m totally unacceptable to God and the “church” and destined for hell because of who I am. Before 1990, I was a youth leader in a few different NSW church youth groups. I asked the senior leadership about homosexuality. They made it VERY [...]

My journey has been fraught with turmoil, pain, and confusion

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I am now 41 years old and a married gay man, but my journey has been fraught with turmoil, pain, and confusion, primarily due to my upbringing in a very religious household that rejected my sexual orientation. In 2007, after ending my first serious gay relationship of 18 months. I reached out to an organization [...]

I never went through a conversion “therapy” program but…

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I never went through a conversion “therapy” program but… I was 20 years old, and a Christian when I first met Sy Rogers.  I knew my Assemblies of God church was against homosexuality. I was in the closet and severely troubled. I was invited to a small private meeting in an upstairs’ room in Hindley St, [...]

We were all living a lie, deceiving ourselves and others

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I knew from a young age that I was different, and it was very apparent when puberty started, that I was not at all attracted to girls and was interested in guys instead. During the late 1960s and 70s, I struggled to understand and navigate life in a time and culture that was not accepting [...]

My family believes gays can be cured

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"These church organizations, which have offered ‘treatment’ for homosexuality, create a distance between their non-heterosexual children and their misguided parents, as has been the case for me." I am a gay 37-year cisgendered male living in southern Sydney and raised in a fundamental Christian family. My family believes gays can be cured. They attend a [...]

Is my family better off with a gay dad or a dead dad?

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"The years of self-hate had led me to the darkest point of my life. I had no neutral support to help me reconcile my feelings with the teachings of the church. I was shattered, alone, and deeply confused! My mindset and mantra at this time was focussed on the question: “Is my family better off [...]

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