Unwanted same sex attraction

Gay conversion therapy still thriving online (news.com.au)

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Gay conversion therapy still thriving online despite condemnation of ex-gay ministries ROHAN SMITH news.com.au   May 28, 2015  A WEBSITE that pushes the “gay cure” message led a young Australian to the brink of suicide. What’s more frightening is that the same message is still being pushed online and was once available to users via [...]

Should I use ‘same sex attraction’ or ‘sexual orientation’

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Dear Anthony, I have a question for you. I’m involved with an support organisation and we are producing some materials. One of the possible terms we are considering using is ‘same-sex attracted’. In my reading on gay Christian sites, I noticed that participants didn’t like that term at all.A gay Christian friend said to absolutely [...]

Why I wept in a West Hollywood hotel room for 35 minutes

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So much has happened since my trip to attend the Amplify Asia Conference in Hong Kong and then to the United States to attend the Exodus International conference. It would take me a week to write about it everything. But I know no one has the time to read all that! You MUST know about [...]

Wayne Blakely – ex-gay? post-gay? or celibate-gay?

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The last person who came from the US telling us how horrible being a homosexual is, was Adam Hood.  His meetings were closed down, he was sent home packing and seems to have disappeared off the planet. Maybe he returned to the dreaded 'homosexual lifestyle'. Now we have a visit from Wayne Blakely, approaching 60 [...]

Former Living Waters leader say “Well-meaning but misguided”

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It is relationships and what those relationships have contributed to my life that has made the most significant contribution to who I am today. I have always considered it a privilege to have known gay and lesbian individuals. They have taught me much, they have challenged me and those relationships have changed me. As a [...]

Speaking on Radio National tonight on Exodus closure and its impact on Australia

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This interview is now available online I will be on ABC @RadioNational at 5.30pm Australian eastern time giving a firsthand account of what really happened at the final Exodus Conference. Listen online http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/ You may have read some of the Australian mainstream media reports about the ending of Exodus and its implications. The reports are poorly researched. Ron Brookman from Living Waters [...]

Why I am at the Exodus International Conference in California – it’s closed down

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The Secret Mission is no longer a secret What a bizarre feeling to be walking into the Exodus International conference at the Concordia University. Irvine California last night.  Especially as initially I had a déjà vu moment as I caught a cab to the wrong university, The University of California, Irvine.  I had been at the [...]

Unwanted same sex attraction – what is it?

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Unwanted same sex attraction? Shakespeare said “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but in the ex-gay/conversion therapy world it’s all about semantics. I’m sorry honey, you may call it ‘unwanted same sex attraction’ but let’s call a spade a spade; YOU’RE GAY! Whilst the fundamental beliefs (homosexuality is a flawed, unnatural [...]

Can a straight person become gay?

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Can a straight person become gay? Yes it happened twice: once in Wales and now in France We often hear uneducated and ill-informed religious people sprouting the theory straight people can be turned gay. And that’s why they tell us it’s best to keep homosexuals in the closet, out of our schools and  that diversity/anti-bullying [...]

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