Churches and Christian organisations.


Globally and for some decades, the church has been grappling with the issue of homosexuality, welcoming LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) people into congregations, and understanding their relationships and their place in the church.

Conversations about LGBTQ+ issues can be challenging. Negotiating these uncharted waters successfully requires wisdom and sensitivity.

Christian organisations. leaders, churches and denominations seeking to move to a place of welcoming LGBTQ people need assistance to ensure the dialogue is not high-jacked by conservatives and polarisation is minimised within the church, denomination or organisation.

We work on a consultative or training basis or a combination of both depending on the situation.

Agreed levels of privacy and confidentiality are always maintained.

Who should attend?

  • Individual ministers
  • Denominations
  • Christian organisations and ministries
  • Chaplains
  • Christian training and educational institutions
  • Local church pastoral teams
  • Church workers

Areas covered

  • What a safe space means and how to create it
  • Welcoming, accepting and affirming – what are the differences?
  • How to transition your congregation/denomination and minimise polarisation
  • A biblical basis for welcoming, accepting and affirming LGBTQ+ people
  • Correct church/denominational documentation and policy ensures everyone knows where they stand
  • Pastoral care
  • Ten specific issues churches and denominations will face along the journey
  •  Once we determine where you are at we custom design a consultation/training package to meet your specific needs
Anthony Venn-Brown OAM (he/him) | Founder and CEO of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI).

Anthony Venn-Brown OAM (he/him) | Founder and CEO of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI).

As an ambassador for his community, Anthony speaks to a wider audience about gay and lesbian community issues by providing a comfortable space where people can ask the often-unasked questions. Anthony’s presentations are informative, entertaining, and inspiring. Audiences quickly realise he is well-informed and speaks from profound personal experience.

In recognition of his work, Anthony was twice voted one of The 25 Most Influential Gay and Lesbian Australians (2007 & 2009) and was one of four finalists for the 2011 ACON Community Hero Award. In 2012,  the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association awarded Anthony Life Membership for Outstanding Service to the LGBTI Community. In 2015 he was the winner of ACON’s Health and Wellbeing Award for over 20 years of providing leadership and support for LGBTI people of faith and working to bring ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy practices and organisations to an end in Australia.