Areas of consideration include:

(topics covered are mutually agreed upon depending on needs)

  • Gay 101 (LGBTTIQQSAGDTS) – what’s it all mean?
  • Understanding the dynamics – ‘How we got it wrong about homosexuality’
  • Appropriate language and terminology when engaging with LGBT people and the community (e.g. when to use or not use LGBT, homosexual, gay or lesbian, sexual orientation/attraction/preference, lifestyle, transgender or transsexual)
  • What a safe space means and how to create it
  • Welcoming, accepting and affirming – what are the differences?
  • How to minimise polarisation in your congregation/denomination
  • How to transition your congregation/denomination
  • A biblical basis for welcoming and accepting LGBT people
  • Correct church/denominational documentation and policy ensures everyone knows where they stand
  • Understanding the LGBT community – history and culture. Stonewall to today.
  • Gay men and lesbians are not a homogenous unit – what are the differences?
  • Deconstructing myths about gay and lesbian people and the community
  • What is the latest research on sexual orientation – nature or nurture?
  • Specific issues faced by LGBT people and how to address them
  • Pastoral care and working effectively with damaged gay and lesbian people
  • Ten specific issues straight Christians, welcoming churches and denominations will face.

A variety of services are provided:

  1. Leadership meetings and consultations
  2. One on one meetings with key personnel
  3. Participation in forums or conferences
  4. Presentations
  5. Speaking at training/educational facilities
  6. Seminars/workshops
  7. Assisting with policy, documentation and media to ensure appropriate wording is used and messages clear.

Depending on where you are on this journey as an individual, church or denomination, it is important to first assess the specific needs of your situation and then custom design the program that will be of optimum benefit. Agreed levels of privacy and confidentiality are always maintained.