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Faithfully Me – Transgender Stories

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Faithfully Me Coming out as transgender in a Christian environment from two different sides of the pulpit has its challenges. Faithfully Me is a 25 minute documentary that follows two transgender individuals. One being Rev Josephine Inkpin, Australia’s first openly transgender ordained priest, and the other, a transgender man, as they embark on [...]

Faith, Sexuality and Gender Identity – creating new narratives

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Faith, Sexuality and Gender Identity - creating new narratives LGBTQIA+ Leadership & Allyship Summit "Anthony's presentation 'Faith, Sexuality and Gender Identity' was a compelling, powerful, and surprisingly hilarious keynote at our LGBTQIA+ Leadership and Allyship Summit in Sydney. Not only was he the equal top-rated speaker for the event, he tackled a deeply personal but [...]

LGBTQ PEOPLE OF FAITH – visibility and a place at the table

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LGBTQ PEOPLE OF FAITH Giving them visibility and a place at the table Background: In 2004, I had my first book launch. It was upstairs at the Midnight Shift Nightclub with about 350 people attending. The majority of those people had never been to a gay venue previously. It was a very exciting evening……all [...]

FREE LGBTQ Videos to Watch and Share

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Looking for something to watch? Recently we have been building up the resources on our YouTube Channel Here are 7  newbies to watch and share. Yes, you will want to share some of these for sure. Dad's Coming Out - 60 Minutes: Once "gay" was just an adjective that meant happy. Now, for most of [...]

Anthony Venn-Brown talks with an Angel

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Anthony Venn-Brown talks with an Angel During the pandemic, Angel Huertas (originally from Puerto Rico, now living in Texas) has been doing many interviews. The series, is entitled Tertuliando en Cuarentena, which essentially means gathering during quarantine. Way back in 2005, Angel contacted me after serendipitously discovering my autobiography, A Life of Unlearning, while he [...]

An open letter to LGBTQ Christian youth

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AN OPEN LETTER TO LGBTQ CHRISTIAN YOUTH Dear young person, You might be 12, 15, 18, 21 or 25. You might be just beginning to understand your difference, or you may have been struggling about it for some time. More lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people than you realise totally understands the struggle you’re going [...]

2019’s TOP 10

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Do you want some holiday reading? You’ll find something of interest here I’m sure. Here are the top 10 most popular posts on the Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International site in 2019. Welcoming, accepting, affirming – When a church says they are welcoming and accepting, what does that really mean? Is it safe for LGBTQ people [...]

Hey Jesus

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Hey Jesus, by Trey Pearson, captures, in a touching and moving way, the questions and moments that so many LGBTQ people from Pentecostal and Evangelical backgrounds know so intimately. To have a better understanding of what that is like read this resource we have HERE. Of course the answer to the question is are resounding [...]

‘Here I am’ – a documentary about LGBT families from Christian backgrounds

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HERE I AM A documentary about LGBT people and families from Christian backgrounds Coming out can be a difficult time for Christian families, individuals, and those close to them. They often feel completely alone in the world. There can be internal conflicts, conflicts in relationships, and conflicts with faith and beliefs. In 'Here I am', [...]

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