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Behind the scenes of New South Wales ban on conversion ‘therapy’

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This article was origially published on The Big Smoke "NSW bans conversion therapy" April 2, 2024 During a marathon session of the Upper House of the New South Wales Parliament, which stretched from 11pm to 6:30am, the government's Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024 was going through the final processes. With 22 votes in favour [...]

Conversion Therapy in Australia – REPORT

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Conversion Therapy in Australia The state of the nation ‘I have been through conversion therapy including help from pastors, counsellors and Christian acquaintances, I have been at this attempt to change for 14 years.  I am currently in a relationship with a woman who I love, but down deep I am in a lot of [...]

How celibacy became the new “ex-gay”

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There are three ways you could understand how celibacy became the new ex-gay. You could have lived through the evolution, you are a researcher/historian, or you can read this article. I was born in 1951. In the 50’s and 60’s gay men were either imprisoned or institutionalised as they were considered sexual perverts. Mental health [...]

How Churchies went from ‘pray the gay away’ to ‘gay without the lay’ (Crikey)

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How Churches went from 'pray the gay away' to 'gay without the lay' "Celibacy is the new ex-gay." Crikey - Josh Taylor — Journalist Aug 9, 2016 Australia’s ex-gay movement is almost dead, but out of the ashes have risen those who believe they can live a celibate life, free of all that gay sex, [...]

Has Australian Ex-gay become Gay Christian with a Twist? (Liberty Christian Ministries)

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In a surprising move, one of Australia's remaining ex-gay/reparative/conversion organisations, Liberty Christian Ministries (LCM) has invited a gay Christian, Dr Wesley Hill, to speak at their conference this  week. Liberty Christian Ministries is a part of Exodus Global Alliance, which has continued to preach 'freedom from homosexuality' message even after Exodus International admitted that people don't change their orientation [...]

The dangers of gay conversion therapy (SMH)

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The dangers of gay conversion therapy By Matty Silver 24 November 2014 — 2:36pm It's probably difficult to believe there are still people and organisations in Australia and around the world who believe they can "cure" gay people who struggle with same-sex attraction. Conversion therapists or ex-gay practitioners believe homosexuality is an affliction or disorder that [...]

Ex-gay ministry bites the dust (Inner West Independent)

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Ex-gay ministry bites the dust Posted March 27, 2014 by Virat Nehr Living Waters Australia, one of the largest and longest running ex-gay ministries still operating in Australia, will cease its operations next month. Only two ex-gay ministries – Liberty Christian Ministries and Beyond Egypt – remain in Sydney. In November, the Inner West Independent revealed Liberty Christian’s struggle to [...]

Conversion “therapy” survivors – testimonials not found on “change is possible” sites

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Below you will read some extracts from the many 100's of emails I have received from readers of my autobiography 'A Life of Unlearning' and others who contacted me after coming out of "ex-gay"/reparative/conversion "therapy" programs or were a part of my Yahoo ex-gay survivors group I ran since 2000. Many of these people were [...]

‘Healing’ the gay worshipper (SMH)

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'Healing' the gay worshipper Sydney groups with Christian roots claim they can turn gay people straight, Michael Lallo and Jonathan Swan report. By Michael Lallo and Jonathan Swan 8 April 2012 — 3:00am On the advice of his Anglican minister, and at the urging of his family, Shaun* enrolled on a course to ''cure'' himself [...]

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