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Many others’ journeys may have been less, but the same insidious, foundational beliefs of the Christian residential program have remained the core beliefs of the LGBTQ Christian conversion movement for over five decades. This has been from the “change is possible” message, through the “rejection of a gay or transgender identity” phase to the more recent celibacy model. This can be clearly seen in Figure 1. Whatever the context the beliefs always harm.

It should also be noted that the core beliefs of the ex-gay/reparative/conversion “therapy” movement are the very same that ALL mental health organisations and practitioners, after three decades of failure, rejected in the early 70s. Yes……. theories rejected half a century ago.



What is Conversion “Therapy”/Practice? 
Conversion “therapy” core beliefs
I am a survivor
Two things to note
Supporting conversion “therapy” survivors
Yahoo survivor support group
A Life of Unlearning and an avalanche of responses from survivors
Freedom2b online support and chapter meetings
Compiling the data
Extensive research and the history of harm
Is celibacy a LGBTQ conversion practice?
Final thoughts 
Balancing rights
Focusing on protection and harm
Therapists and professionals
Migrant populations
Safe reporting
Considering the variety of contexts
Sent overseas
A final word from Matt 
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Figure 2: 17