Gay conversion therapy

Moving forward – Chapter 21 A Life of Unlearning (2nd ed)

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Chapter 21 A Life of Unlearning (2nd edition) - Moving forward The first and second  editions of A Life of Unlearning sold out. Information about the 3rd edition HERE  The week after the launch of the first edition of A Life of Unlearning, I invited the Honourable Justice Michael Kirby to lunch. This would be a [...]

Honey I’m gay – I am gay in a straight marriage

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I am gay in a straight marriage People find themselves in these situations because of a number of factors. These are, where a person lives geographically, family or society pressure, the culture you come from, the influence of religion or even the belief that getting married like "normal" people do will solve your "problem". It [...]

A Life of Unlearning more relevant now than ever

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Fifteen years ago, in 2004, 'A Life of Unlearning - coming out of the church, one man's struggle' hit Australian book and department store shelves. I had no idea that: It would become an Australian bestseller and sell out twice There'd be two more revised and updated editions It would change the lives of literally 1,000s [...]

Conversion Therapy – does it work?

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Three men with three very different stories and experiences of ex-gay, reparative or what has become known conversion therapy. Meet comedian and Gay Conversion School Drop Out Anthony Menchetti, author and gay Christian advocate Anthony Venn-Brown and former leader of Liberty Christian Ministries, Haydn Sennitt. Anthony Venn-Brown, details his 6 months in an ex-gay residential program, [...]

Sy Rogers – is his message homosexual re-orientation?

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Sy Rogers is back in the country, speaking on Christian radio, Christian City Churches and the Hillsong Colour Conference. Since I first published The Sy Rogers Story (An Anthony Venn-Brown Perspective) in 2007 it has become one of the top five most read articles on my site.  It’s definitely time for an update. Sy Rogers [...]

SYDNEY – Exodus to Nowhere – the quest to cure queers

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EXODUS TO NOWHERE The quest to cure queers There is a commonly held belief that gay conversion programs began in the United States. This is not true. Four years before Exodus was founded, in 1972, in Sydney Australia, Anthony Venn-Brown was in a residential program to change his sexual orientation. Working on his current book [...]

Undercover in a gay conversion camp (Womens Weekly)

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Undercover in a gay conversion camp Published in the Australian Womens Weekly written by Clair Weaver Jun 1, 2015 Across Australia, religious groups are offering to help gays and lesbians overcome same-sex attraction. Clair Weaver goes undercover to find out what’s going on. HANDS in the air, eyes to the sky and bodies swaying to [...]

Survivors tell their horror stories of ex-gay/conversion therapy treatments in Australia (

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Survivors tell their horror stories of ex-gay therapy treatments in Australia By Rohan Smith Published May 19, 2015 SOME were starved and forced into exorcisms, others were banned from masturbating and brainwashed into believing they could “pray the gay away”. The bizarre, humiliating, deadly “treatments” some gay Australians were subjected to by so-called “ex-gay” [...]

Gay conversion therapy began in Australia

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MEDIA RELEASE | 14th April 2015 Gay conversion therapy began in Australia Gay conversion therapy was not an American evangelical import into Australia as has been assumed. With the focus on recent developments in the United States, such as individual states banning ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapies and President Obama also calling for the practice to be [...]

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