Keith Green, Last Days Ministry, Sy Rogers and homosexuality

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Keith Green, Last Days Ministry, Sy Rogers and homosexuality Former Last Days Ministry (LDM) leaders Tracey Arden and Sharon Madere ( invite LGBTQ leader, Anthony Venn-Brown, to join them to discuss the devastating impacts LDM and Sy Rogers had on millions of LGBTQ people around the world. Nope, NOT Okay!!! Part 1 – [...]

The Rainbow Advocate – Anthony Venn-Brown

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  In this episode of The Rainbow Advocate, Evalyn Venture speaks to Anthony Venn-Brown OAM. They talk about his experiences being gay within a conservative church, being drafted by the military, conversion practices, AIDS and HIV, and his book – A Life of Unlearning. Subscribe or Follow Us: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia – Anthony Venn-Brown

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The Latest in LGBTIQ+ Health and Policy is a podcast that brings you the health and well-being hot topic discussions that matter to LGBTIQ+ people. In this episode, we chat with Anthony Venn Brown, co-founder of Freedom2b and founder and CEO of Ambassadors and Bridge Builders International. Anthony had previously been a leader in the [...]

Hillsong and LGBTQ

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Hillsong and LGBTQ It seems a lot of people want to know about Hillsong and LGBTQ. I've learnt not to trust all journalists. Most are good, but not all. Some  have "used" my story to push their own agendas. I was more interested in "the cause" than wanting to enhance their careers with a sensationalist [...]

ABC Conversations Podcast – Anthony Venn-Brown

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One of Australia's most popular podcasts, ABC's Conversations, interviews Anthony Venn-Brown OAM about his Life of Unlearning. Discovering he was gay in the 1960s was frightening. Homosexuality was a criminal offence and mental health professionals were attempting to cure gay men and lesbians. In 1969 Anthony turned to God for help, became a born-again Christian, [...]

The Ideas Digest Podcast digs deep with Anthony Venn-Brown

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The Ideas Digest podcast is about understanding the people we disagree with & humanising our enemy. It humanises controversial ideas by learning about where we found them and how they change us. Whether they be religious, political, taboo or politically incorrect. On 21st March I did two things I've never done before. Firstly, I did an [...]

I was a Teenage Fundamentalist

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In the 1980s and 90s, B and T, hosts of the "I was a Teenage Fundamentalist" podcast, were members of large Pentecostal churches in Australia. In these podcasts, these two GenXers, look back on these years to contextualise, deconstruct and ask, “WTF were we thinking and how does this impact who we are now?” This [...]

Pray the gay away – weekends of exorcisms and much more

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I underwent weekends of exorcisms to pray the gay away The horrifying reality of conversion therapy. I swear I never Bek Day and Nina Young December 4, 2019 - 9:22AM It was the late seventies and everything in Anthony Venn Brown’s life was going according to his plans. He was a successful preacher in the [...]

Newcastle Writers’ Festival – Lives Erased – LGBTQ conversion therapy

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Newcastle Writers' Festival - Lives Erased NEW Thinking Series Lives Erased The history of LGBTQI conversion therapy. With James Bennett, Stuart Edser and Anthony Venn-Brown. Host / Marguerite Johnson   You'll find Australia's largest collection of information, articles, research on ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy HERE

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