One of Australia’s most popular podcasts, ABC’s Conversations, interviews Anthony Venn-Brown OAM about his Life of Unlearning.

Discovering he was gay in the 1960s was frightening. Homosexuality was a criminal offence and mental health professionals were attempting to cure gay men and lesbians. In 1969 Anthony turned to God for help, became a born-again Christian, charismatic and finally a Pentecostal, believing eventually he’d find an answer to his “problem”.

Twenty-two years later, his struggle through prayer, exorcisms, conversion therapy, marriage and life as a high-profile megachurch preacher came to a disastrous end. Anthony says it’s a miracle he’s still alive to tell the story.

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ABC Conversations Anthony Venn-BrownABC Conversations Anthony Venn-Brown

ABC Conversations Anthony Venn-Brown