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Moving forward – Chapter 21 A Life of Unlearning (2nd ed)

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Chapter 21 A Life of Unlearning (2nd edition) - Moving forward The first and second  editions of A Life of Unlearning sold out. Information about the 3rd edition HERE  The week after the launch of the first edition of A Life of Unlearning, I invited the Honourable Justice Michael Kirby to lunch. This would be a [...]

National Faith and Marriage Equality Forum

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National Faith and Marriage Equality Forum Parliament House, Canberra (NB: In the video I mention Impact Church Adelaide. This was meant to be Activate Church. It has been corrected in the text below)                 Dr Gavriel Ansara (Rosh Pinah: An Affirming Orthodox Jewish Network),  Rev Dr Peter Catt [...]

World Vision US and the saddest 48 hours in modern Christian history

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I'm still shaking my head at what's happened in the last 48 hours with the World Vision US debacle. On Monday, Christianity Today reported that, World Vision US, one of America's largest Christian charities, made a groundbreaking announcement that they will now permit gay Christians in legal same-sex marriages to be employed at the organisation. [...]

Why Australian Pentecostals Will Embrace LGBTI People

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It’s inevitable that Australian Pentecostal Churches will welcome gay and lesbian Christians. Let me say that again. It’s inevitable that Australian Pentecostal Churches will welcome gay and lesbian Christians. When I first made that statement to a church leader in 2005 he laughed. ‘That will never happen’, he replied. At that stage I had nothing [...]

CELEBRATING OUR FUTURE – the times they are a changin’

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Presented by Anthony Venn-Brown at the final meeting of The Evangelical Network Conference, in Phoenix Arizona, 25 May 2008 Note: This article is fairly extensive (6,500 words), so I’ve listed below the various sections covered so if you don’t want to read the entire piece you can scroll down to the relevant section. Would you like [...]


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MERCY MINISTRIES – SY ROGERS – HILLSONG Now there are three potentially controversial headlines. Put together, as they were in the Australian press recently, they could be explosive. Many people think these are all one and the same but they are actually separate identities, although there is inter-relatedness. People have been asking for my opinion [...]

Let’s Get Equal Manifesto Launch – Adelaide 26.02.06

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Anthony Venn-Brown has a few letters after his name. A.C.C. I.C.F. which stands for Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Lately I’ve been thinking of adding a few more letters myself i.e. – E.N.I.G.M.A. (One that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable). As a former leader in the Assemblies of God and now an [...]

Assemblies of God statement on homosexuality 2006 (Australia)

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ASSEMBLIES OF GOD STATEMENT ON HOMOSEXUALITY Released: Tuesday, 7th March 2006 Jesus Christ embraces and accepts everyone whatever their nationality, colour, creed or gender. He died for all of us and loves us equally. He gave every human being dignity and honour and so should we. However, the Bible makes it clear that certain behaviour [...]

A Life of Unlearning – One Mans Journey to Find the Truth

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Dec 14, 2005 My first sexual experiences were with guys in the final years of High School in the 1960’s. This only produced guilt, depression, confusion an attempt at suicide and finally trips to a psychiatrist. My battles with my sexuality brought me into a relationship with God. I thought that God could take it [...]

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