Faithfully Me – Transgender Stories

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Faithfully Me Coming out as transgender in a Christian environment from two different sides of the pulpit has its challenges. Faithfully Me is a 25 minute documentary that follows two transgender individuals. One being Rev Josephine Inkpin, Australia’s first openly transgender ordained priest, and the other, a transgender man, as they embark on [...]

Transgender Dragonflies – Rev Josephine Inkpin

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Disgusting, abominable, and reprehensible are the politest words I can find to describe the behaviour of some conservative Christians. As gays and lesbians, we have endured decades of accusations, condemnation and lies about our supposed “lifestyles”, lifespans, and the quality of our relationships. We’ve been labelled evil, perverts, deviates, abominations and child molesters. AIDS, [...]

Tasmania to ban conversion “therapy”

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Tasmania to ban conversion “therapy” * After the release of the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute (TLRI) report, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Conversion Practices, Tasmania is following other Australian states that have passed legislation banning what has become known as “conversion therapy”. Religious opponents are attempting to block the legislation by clouding the issues with smokescreens and resurrecting [...]

Beyond Egypt closes

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'Beyond Egypt' Closes Lessons from the rise and demise of an LGBTQ conversion organisation Anthony Venn-Brown (Updated 22.01.21) Abstract Reflecting on the history and closure of yet another conversion "therapy" organisation has several benefits. It creates an opportunity to educate people about the beliefs, practices, and language of the LGBTQ conversion movement. It also enables [...]

An open letter to LGBTQ Christian youth

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AN OPEN LETTER TO LGBTQ CHRISTIAN YOUTH Dear young person, You might be 12, 15, 18, 21 or 25. You might be just beginning to understand your difference, or you may have been struggling about it for some time. More lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people than you realise totally understands the struggle you’re going [...]

Why have an International Transgender Day of Remembrance?

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The International Transgender Day of Remembrance, is a day to memorialize transgender people who have been murdered because of transphobia and raise awareness on the needs and challenges faced by  the trans and gender diverse communities. Please have a look at these statistics. Stigma and extreme violence against trans and gender-diverse people are a global reality. Religious groups [...]

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