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The Final Exodus Conference

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A journey to Exodus – a behind the scenes, firsthand account of the final Exodus Conference  Anthony Venn-Brown Founder and Director Ambassadors and Bridge Builders International Contents Part 1  Arrival......a few thank you's helped. Arriving at the Exodus Conference.  But what was Anthony Venn-Brown doing at the Exodus conference?.  Part 2  Time for a secret [...]

Another apology – Randy Thomas, Exodus VP, confesses

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Is saying 'sorry' enough? "Ex-gay" formal apologies have been happening for a number of years. They began in 2007 at the first "ex-gay" survivors' conference with former leaders Michael Bussee, Darlene Bogle and Jeremy Marks followed closely by former "ex-gay" leaders from Australia. Whilst these were significant, they didn't get the same attention as more recent ones [...]

Exodus VP, Randy Thomas, says ‘Sorry, I have deep regrets, forgive me’.

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From Randy Thomas's blog (bold emphasis mine) When Alan Chambers made his apology to the gay community, I couldn’t have been more supportive. I am so proud of my friend and fully agree with what he shared. I, too, have been taking a personal moral inventory. So many eye-opening experiences have occurred in the past twenty-four months – [...]

Oooops…..we meant you to cure them …..not kill them

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17/12/2009 Have you been following the news about Uganda's Anti-homosexual Bill, currently being pushed through their parliament? If not, just Google Uganda Anti-homosexual Bill and you'll get 265,000 pages….and growing daily as the world becomes aware of this backward step in Human Rights. Background Uganda is a very Christian country. It has been described as [...]