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Pray Away – Netflix documentary – Review

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Occasionally a seminal work appears that becomes a defining piece, a turning point, or breakthrough in a particular area. Considering the religious LGBTQ conversion movement, the documentary Pray Away, released on Netflix August 3rd, could very well be that work. After mental health professional organisations realised that gay and lesbian people were not sick and [...]

The Final Exodus Conference + the Tipping Point

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A journey to Exodus – a behind the scenes, firsthand account of the final Exodus Conference plus "The Tipping Point" ... the 8 factors that created the downfall of Exodus  Anthony Venn-Brown Founder and Director Ambassadors and Bridge Builders International Download a PDF of this article HERE Contents Part 1  Arrival......a few thank you's helped. [...]

Another apology – Randy Thomas, Exodus VP, confesses

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Is saying 'sorry' enough? "Ex-gay" formal apologies have been happening for a number of years. They began in 2007 at the first "ex-gay" survivors' conference with former leaders Michael Bussee, Darlene Bogle and Jeremy Marks followed closely by former "ex-gay" leaders from Australia. Whilst these were significant, they didn't get the same attention as more recent ones [...]

Exodus VP, Randy Thomas, says ‘Sorry, I have deep regrets, forgive me’.

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From Randy Thomas's blog (bold emphasis mine) When Alan Chambers made his apology to the gay community, I couldn’t have been more supportive. I am so proud of my friend and fully agree with what he shared. I, too, have been taking a personal moral inventory. So many eye-opening experiences have occurred in the past twenty-four months – [...]

Oooops…..we meant you to cure them …..not kill them

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17/12/2009 Have you been following the news about Uganda's Anti-homosexual Bill, currently being pushed through their parliament? If not, just Google Uganda Anti-homosexual Bill and you'll get 265,000 pages….and growing daily as the world becomes aware of this backward step in Human Rights. Background Uganda is a very Christian country. It has been described as [...]

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