Marriage equality

Hop, hop, stall, stop. Love wins – in the end

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Australia’s journey to marriage equality has been like someone learning to drive a car with a clutch (some of you will remember those days before automatic cars). Hop, hop, stall, stop. Hop, hop, stall, stop. Hop, hop, stall, stop. If you’re from overseas and you don’t understand the complexities or our hold ups, then I’m [...]

Rev Fred Nile bemoans new Christian political groups and lack of cohesion

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The Christian Democratic Party "Salt and Light" newsletter has just come out. The first section is about the recent federal election. Titled "CDP SUCCESSFUL FEDERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN", it puts an interesting interpretation on the word successful. I would have thought a successful campaign meant candidates actually won seats.What is not explored in the newsletter is: [...]

Terminally-Ill Ohio Man Flies to Another State to Marry his Partner of 20 years

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Think marriage is an outmoded, assimilationist institution? Relatively unimportant on the spectrum of LGBT rights issues? Not worth focusing on or fighting for? Tell that to couples like John Arthur and Jim Obergefell, or Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer, who waited for decades to legally marry and were able to just in time. Or tell [...]

Marriage Equality: Is Rev Fred Nile’s response Christian?

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Is it just me, or is there something decidedly un-Christian about the Rev Fred Nile's recent Australian Christian Democratic Party media release (below). Whilst it is often difficult for people to transport the image of a first century Jesus Christ (sandals and robe) into a 21st century context it is not difficult to identify some [...]

British PM on Marriage Equality and the C of E Response

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The British Prime Minister David Cameron has affirmed his commitment to same sex civil marriage while addressing a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) reception at Downing Street. The Prime Minister's said: "I just wanted to say three things to you tonight. First of all, this party is really a celebration of the immense contribution [...]

The impact of the churches anti-gay stand? – it’s killing them!

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Many Australians have been walking away from formal religion for some time. The Christian Research Association has found that attendance at traditional Uniting churches across Australia has declined by 30 percent over the past ten years, while parishioner numbers at Catholic churches have dropped by 19 percent. Anglican numbers are also dropping. “The steep decline [...]

Marriage Equality Australia – My Two World Experience

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For many years I was an ordained Assemblies of God minister in a heterosexual marriage. During that time I performed marriage ceremonies. At the age of 40, I realised that everything I’d done to try and change my same-sex-orientation (including the heterosexual marriage) was a waste of time and there was actually nothing wrong with [...]

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