Justice Michael Kirby

Two Home Grown Faith/Sexuality Documentaries in MG Film Festival

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Two documentaries in the coming Mardi Gras Film Festival you might like to see.  1. The Bedroom Commandments      http://mgff.queerscreen.com.au/bedroom-commandments/Sunday Feb 19, Cinema Paris, 2:30pm Malcolm Burt interviews a variety of people across a range of ages, backgrounds and faiths. He interviews the non religious and ex religious as well as those currently involved in [...]

An Open Letter to Peter Madden (CDP)

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Dear Peter How big is that hole you are digging for yourself at the Christian Democratic Party headquarters? Your YouTube video “Heal Our Land - Stand for Righteousness”, calling for a shutdown of Mardi Gras ‘anarchy’, as you call it, has caused quite a stir. I am sure you were unaware of the backlash this [...]


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St James Institute, The Education and Formation Program of St James’ Church, Sydney, Australia. CONVERSATION BETWEEN JUSTICE MICHAEL KIRBY AND DAVID MARR Held in the Banco Court, Supreme Court of New South Wales, Sydney, 9th April 2008 David Marr: Michael, let's begin with a hypothetical. An old blind man and on the verge of death [...]

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