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What do you REALLY think about ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy leaders and organisations

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I have been monitoring ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy leaders,organisations and activities for nearly two decades. I've seen, heard and experienced a lot in that time. Do people get help from ex-gay/reparative/conversion ministries? Has anyone suicided because of an ex-gay/reparative/conversion program? What is your attitude towards 'former' homosexuals who get married? Why are you so committed to seeing [...]

Ex-gay/reparative./conversion therapy – it didn’t work….sorry

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Ex-Ex-Gay Pride By Zoë Schlanger and Elijah Wolfson Filed: 5/1/14 at 11:36 AM | Updated: 5/2/14 at 11:34 AM   From the August 17, 1998 issue of Newsweek. Photo at left by Chris Buck. Newsweek On a Tuesday evening nearly 14 years ago, John Paulk walked into a gay bar in Washington, D.C. At another time [...]

Australia’s anti-gay churches shift focus to Asia Pacific (Saturday Paper)

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Australia’s anti-gay churches shift focus to Asia Pacific April 19 – 25, 2014 Issue 8 By Luke Williams This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Apr 19, 2014 as "Exporting anti-gay churches” The little group met last Saturday at Ramsgate Community Church, on the southern flank of Sydney. [...]

Vigil honours victims of gay conversion therapy (City News)

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Vigil honours victims of gay therapy Posted April 17, 2014 by Staff Writer & filed under City News. By Declan Gooch On a drizzly Saturday night, as the city’s party hotspots cranked into gear, a small group of people sat silent inside Oxford Street’s Stonewall Hotel to remember those traumatised by so-called gay conversion therapy. [...]

Remember * Encourage * Celebrate – A Vigil this Saturday #Vigil4Hope

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Living Waters Australia (LWA), one of Australia's foremost and longest running ex-gay/conversion therapy programs, closes this Saturday with a Thanksgiving Service. At the same time a vigil (#‎Vigil4Hope) is being held at Taylor Square, Sydney, to not only remember those who have taken their own lives because of ex-gay/conversion programs but also highlight the toll [...]

Living Waters Australia to Close

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Living Waters Australia (LWA), one of the foremost and longest running ex-gay/conversion therapy programs in this country will cease operations next month. Ron Brookman, the Australian director, gave several reasons for his decision in a newsletter to followers last week.  Many in the gay community are applauding this move as this means only a handful [...]

Ending ‘Gay Conversion’ for Good

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By JACOB M. VICTORFEB. 12, 2014 NEW HAVEN — THERAPY programs that purport to “convert” lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender kids have caused immeasurable harm since they became prominent in the 1970s. Rigorous studies have shown again and again that efforts to change young people’s sexual orientation not only fail, but are also linked to [...]

Only hours left to see ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapies banned in NSW

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Did you know that ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapies are being banned in some parts  of the United States of America and could soon be in Australia?   Recently Britain's leading body for Christian therapists, the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC), instructed its members to stop trying to turn gay patients straight using so-called "conversion therapy". The Association [...]

Australian conversion therapy ministry appoints new leader….but

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One of the few remaining ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy organisations in Australia has announced the appointment of a new leader after the resignation of Haydn Sennitt last year. The December newsletter reads: "The Liberty Committee is excited to announce that Allan Starr has been appointed as our new part-time Pastoral Worker. He will begin with us in [...]