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Only hours left to see ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapies banned in NSW

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Did you know that ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapies are being banned in some  parts  of the United States of America and could soon be in Australia? Recently Britain's leading body for Christian therapists, the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC), instructed its members to stop trying to turn gay patients straight using  so-called "conversion therapy". The Association of [...]

Rev Fred Nile bemoans new Christian political groups and lack of cohesion

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The Christian Democratic Party "Salt and Light" newsletter has just come out. The first section is about the recent federal election. Titled "CDP SUCCESSFUL FEDERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN", it puts an interesting interpretation on the word successful. I would have thought a successful campaign meant candidates actually won seats.What is not explored in the newsletter is: [...]

The largest closet in the world is the “ex-gay” closet

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One statement we have heard over and over again is that 1,000's have left the "homosexual lifestyle". Claims have even been made that there are 100,000's.But we have never been able to find these 1,000's of people or are they too afraid to come out as "ex-gay"?  Statements about large numbers "leaving homosexuality" have been boldly declared regularly [...]

Marriage Equality: Is Rev Fred Nile’s response Christian?

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Is it just me, or is there something decidedly un-Christian about the Rev Fred Nile's recent Australian Christian Democratic Party media release (below). Whilst it is often difficult for people to transport the image of a first century Jesus Christ (sandals and robe) into a 21st century context it is not difficult to identify some [...]

Moratorium on the Westboro Baptist Church

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Images of the Westboro Baptist Church remind me of Grant Woods America Gothic or of fugitives from the set of the Beverly Hillbillies. Fashion sense? They have none but their dress sense indicates they are not people from a big city.  Rural, middle America is where they reside. You’ve seen photos of them in the [...]

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