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“I am gay and it can’t be changed” – John Smid (former ex-gay leader)

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John Smid resigned as Executive Director of Love in Action in 2008, but has only now made statements that reveal how much he has shifted in his previous beliefs and attitudes. Love In Action, the flagship ex-gay ministry of Exodus International, shut down its residential program in 2007. In his recent statements John has distanced [...]

Former Love in Action Director John Smid Offers Apology?

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John Smid was the director of Exodus member ministry Love in Action (LIA), which at that time ran Refuge, a residential 'ex-gay' program in Memphis, Tennessee, for 22 years. This program gained notoriety in 2005 when a teen, Zach Stark, created a plea for help on his MySpace page. This event sparked outrage, that a [...]

Former Exodus Leader – John Meteyard

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John Meteyard Former Exodus Asia Pacific Global Alliance & Living Waters Leader and on the International Advisory Board of Exodus When asked to add my perspective to this discussion I was pleased to do so. My purpose here is not to endorse or comment upon the stance of this website or the views it contains, [...]

Former Ex-gay Leader – Wendy Lawson

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Wendy Lawson Former Exodus Leader Melbourne As a mature adult and mother of four my Christian experience was very important to me. Not only did I attend Sunday services, I taught Sunday school; lead the Wednesday evening Bible study series and also went to Tuesday prayer meetings. Somehow keeping busy and trying to please my [...]

Former Ex-gay Leader – Kim Brett

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Kim Brett Former Exodus - Associate Former Leader - Living Waters and Liberty Inc My now partner once commented how life as a gay Christian seeking re-orientation was like living in a cemetery waiting to die – this explained exactly how I felt. I had resigned myself to a life of chastity and obedience as re-orientation had [...]

Former Ex-gay Leader – Veronica Canning

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Vonnie Pitts (Veronica Canning) Former Christian City Church Pastor and Living Waters Leader I first heard of the ‘Living Waters’ ex-gay program early 1991. As a pastor on the leadership team of Christian City Church Brookvale (in New South Wales, Australia), I arranged to set up the program in our church to help those struggling [...]

Former Ex-gay Leader – Paul Martin

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Paul Martin Principal Psychologist - Centre for Human Potential Former Exodus Leader – Melbourne I was the Co-leader of the Melbourne Chapter of Exodus International (based at Blackburn Baptist Church) for approximately 2 years. My role included speaking at national conferences for church groups, facilitating group meetings, supporting individuals in their struggles and being “counseled” by [...]

Australia Conversion Therapy Leaders Change Perspective

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Ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy ministries credibility around the world is being substantially challenged as an increasing number of people come out with their stories saying - it just doesn’t work. In fact, reparative/conversion therapy causes harm that can take years to overcome.For some time I’ve been collecting testimonials from men and women who have gone through these [...]

The Closet is a Dark Place for Anyone but Especially a Preacher

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Media Release THE HAGGART SCANDAL REVEALS MORE THAN WHAT GOES ON BEHIND THE SCENES Evangelist Ted Haggard, now the ex-president of the National Association of Evangelicals and ex-pastor of a mega-church in Colorado, admitted that he bought methamphetamine and received a massage from a male prostitute. The whistle blower, Mike Jones, said he spoke up [...]