Why I wept in a West Hollywood hotel room for 35 minutes

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So much has happened since my trip to attend the Amplify Asia Conference in Hong Kong and then to the United States to attend the Exodus International conference. It would take me a week to write about it everything. But I know no one has the time to read all that! You MUST know about [...]

Exodus Closure – ABC Radio National interview

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The media in Australia seemed to miss the news and significance of the oldest and largest ex-gay/conversion/reparative therapy organisation shutting down after 37 years. The Sydney Morning Herald published a small article titled “Gay Cure Therapy will continue”. The article was poorly researched as evidenced by not only Alan’s age being misquoted (37 was how long Exodus [...]

Conversion “therapy” survivors – testimonials not found on “change is possible” sites

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Below you will read some extracts from the many 100's of emails I have received from readers of my autobiography 'A Life of Unlearning' and others who contacted me after coming out of 'ex-gay' programs or reparative therapy or were a part of my Yahoo ex-gay survivors group I ran since 2000. Many of these [...]

‘Healing’ the gay worshipper (SMH)

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'Healing' the gay worshipper Sydney groups with Christian roots claim they can turn gay people straight, Michael Lallo and Jonathan Swan report. By Michael Lallo and Jonathan Swan 8 April 2012 — 3:00am On the advice of his Anglican minister, and at the urging of his family, Shaun* enrolled on a course to ''cure'' himself [...]

Undercover at a gay “cure” group

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Undercover at a gay "cure" group Across Australia, religious groups are offering to help gays and lesbians overcome same-sex attraction. Clair Weaver went inside to learn what the growing movement teaches its followers. POSTED 08.12.2011 @ 13:15 (note postscript below) HANDS in the air, eyes to the sky and bodies swaying to the music of a live [...]

ABC tackles gay therapy (Star Observer)

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ABC tackles gay therapy (Star Observer) Staff Writers — February 23, 2010 With more than half a million spectators expected to turn out for the annual celebration of gay pride at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras this weekend, Australia would seem to be a country that’s pretty accepting of homosexuality. But there are some [...]

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