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Rev Fred Nile bemoans new Christian political groups and lack of cohesion

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The Christian Democratic Party "Salt and Light" newsletter has just come out. The first section is about the recent federal election. Titled "CDP SUCCESSFUL FEDERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN", it puts an interesting interpretation on the word successful. I would have thought a successful campaign meant candidates actually won seats.What is not explored in the newsletter is: [...]

The largest closet in the world is the “ex-gay” closet

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One statement we have heard over and over again is that 1,000's have left the "homosexual lifestyle". Claims have even been made that there are 100,000's.But we have never been able to find these 1,000's of people or are they too afraid to come out as "ex-gay"?  Statements about large numbers "leaving homosexuality" have been boldly declared regularly [...]

Can a straight person become gay?

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Can a straight person become gay? Yes it happened twice: once in Wales and now in France We often hear uneducated and ill-informed religious people sprouting the theory straight people can be turned gay. And that’s why they tell us it’s best to keep homosexuals in the closet, out of our schools and  that diversity/anti-bullying [...]

Marriage Equality: Is Rev Fred Nile’s response Christian?

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Is it just me, or is there something decidedly un-Christian about the Rev Fred Nile's recent Australian Christian Democratic Party media release (below). Whilst it is often difficult for people to transport the image of a first century Jesus Christ (sandals and robe) into a 21st century context it is not difficult to identify some [...]

The impact of the churches anti-gay stand? – it’s killing them!

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Many Australians have been walking away from formal religion for some time. The Christian Research Association has found that attendance at traditional Uniting churches across Australia has declined by 30 percent over the past ten years, while parishioner numbers at Catholic churches have dropped by 19 percent. Anglican numbers are also dropping. “The steep decline [...]

VOTE: Should Peter Madden Aplogise?

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Peter Madden, from the Christian Democratic Party has made false statements, accusations and  misrepresentations about gay and lesbian people, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) community as a whole. In doing this he has not only offended LGBTI people but also their friends and family as [...]

An Open Letter to Peter Madden (CDP)

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Dear Peter How big is that hole you are digging for yourself at the Christian Democratic Party headquarters? Your YouTube video “Heal Our Land - Stand for Righteousness”, calling for a shutdown of Mardi Gras ‘anarchy’, as you call it, has caused quite a stir. I am sure you were unaware of the backlash this [...]

Moratorium on the Westboro Baptist Church

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Images of the Westboro Baptist Church remind me of Grant Woods America Gothic or of fugitives from the set of the Beverly Hillbillies. Fashion sense? They have none but their dress sense indicates they are not people from a big city.  Rural, middle America is where they reside. You’ve seen photos of them in the [...]

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