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“Homosexuality is a sin” is just another of the churches history of heresies

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History tells us that the Christian church, by upholding certain ‘beliefs’, have been the instrument of oppression of certain people and groups. Until enlightenment came Christians did not see what they were doing as oppression as they believed (based on the current worldview) that they were upholding God’s word. Unchangeable traits such as race, gender and currently sexual orientation, have [...]

60 Minutes online chat: Anthony Venn-Brown – father, author and gay man

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Chat: Anthony Venn-Brown - father, author and gay man Sunday, August 19, 2007 60 Minutes presents a live interview with author and gay dad, Anthony Venn-Brown. Interviewer: Welcome Anthony, to tonight’s interview Anthony Venn-Brown: It's a wonderful opportunity to share with people, to get more understanding and hopefully that others will find the resolution that we [...]

Assemblies of God statement on homosexuality 2006 (Australia)

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STATEMENT ON HOMOSEXUALITY Released: Tuesday, 7th March 2006 Jesus Christ embraces and accepts everyone whatever their nationality, colour, creed or gender. He died for all of us and loves us equally. He gave every human being dignity and honour and so should we. However, the Bible makes it clear that certain behaviour is unacceptable to [...]

Letter to the Australian Assemblies of God National Executive

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3 May 2005 Dear Executive Members I’m writing to see if there is some way I may be of help to the Assemblies of God in Australia which will eventually assist those members and families facing difficulties and even alienation because of the issue of sexual orientation. I never imagined I would be writing to [...]

Assemblies of God (Australia) Statement on Homosexuality 1992

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A Statement on Homosexuality and Lesbianism August 1992 This statement is a result of a discussion paper by the National Executive Presbytery. Homosexual is defined by Webster as ‘one who has sexual feelings for persons of the same sex’. Lesbian is defined as a ‘female homosexual’. Homosexuality is referred to directly and specifically in the [...]