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The No Campaign: Scaremongering 10/10 – Originality 0/10

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Fear is a powerful force. Ask any gay or lesbian person. Fear kept many of us locked in closets for years. Marketers know how powerful fear is as a motivator that can sell virtually anything including  tires,  insurance, even breakfast cereal and deodorant. We purchase  things that previously were considered unnecessary: antibacterial soap, alarm systems, [...]

The Marriage Equality Postal Survey is…..

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The Marriage Equality Postal Survey DOES NOT challenge 'traditional marriage'. What is 'traditional marriage?' Marriage has evolved many times over thousands of years and I'm sure even the conservatives are grateful it has. 'Biblical marriage' over millennium, women married their rapists or the men who enslaved them. Multiple wives (polygamy) was standard. 'Traditionally' as well [...]

I HAVE A DREAM – marriage equality (Gay News Network)

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It’s 2031 and I just celebrated my 80th birthday.  That was a hoot. Great grandchildren and all. Of course we couldn’t have a party without playing the old disco classics. I really don’t get the music young people listen and dance to today. Give me “I will survive’ and “I am what I am” any [...]

Did the Australian Christian Lobby choose the wrong heroes?

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In their recent newsletter titled 'Now is a time for courage', Lyle Sheldon, the director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) told their supporters: Right now, Australia is at a crossroads. What you and I do between now and when we vote on the future of marriage will shape the nation our children and grandchildren [...]

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