Founder and CEO of ABBI, Anthony Venn-Brown, is frequently called upon to provide lectures and training on LGBT and faith/sexuality issues to a range of providers. Here you’ll find some of these.

Conversion therapy and LGBTI people of faith.

The mental health challenges of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people have been well documented.

LGBTI people from faith backgrounds often experience these with greater intensity and have additional issues to deal with including attempts to change their sexual orientation or block gender transitioning.

Understanding the LGBTI faith person’s world­view as well as the unique personal and psychological obstacles they face, enables therapists to work more effectively with clients.

Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual in a straight marriage.

People find themselves in mixed-orientation marriages for a variety of reasons; generational, geographical, religious, family or cultural pressures or just an overwhelming need to be ‘normal’.

Some come to a realisation later in life. Others have lived in denial. Many come to a point where the cognitive dissonance of living two personas becomes too stressful and there’s a desire to live authentically.

Managing the complexities of relationships and the potential traumatic outcomes of honesty can be paralysing.

Creating a space for respectful LGBT – Christian dialogue

A respectful LGBTQ & Christian dialogue is possible. This concept, originally created in 2008, is the foundation of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International’s (ABBI) philosophy and approach.

It has been the structure to create a safe space for churches, religious organisations, and leaders to engage and learn more about LGBTQ people and their community.

Your Presenter

Anthony Venn-Brown was once a popular preacher in Australia’s mega-churches. His bestselling autobiography, A Life of Unlearning, details his 22 years of coming to terms with his homosexuality including 16 years married with children and gay conversion therapy.

Anthony Venn-Brown Honour Awards 2015

Since 2000, Anthony’s worked extensively with individuals seeking resolution of faith and/or their sexuality, conversion therapy survivors, and gay, lesbian, and bisexual people in heterosexual marriages.

As founder of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International, Anthony has provided training and been a conference speaker for organisations both in Australia and overseas.