This presentation, originally created in 2008, is the foundation of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International’s philosophy and approach.

It has been the vehicle whereby a safe place has been created for churches, religious organisations and leaders to engage and learn more about LGBT people and their community.

Slide 2: Traditionally this is the way the church has interacted with the LGBT community

Slide 3: The same can be said about the way the LGBT community has interacted with the church. Each has seen each other as the enemy etc

Slide 4: There is an invitation, for those who are willing, from either side to let go the adversarial positions and move into a new space of dialogue.

Slide 5: In this space a new set of guidelines of communication are embraced by both parties such as
• A willingness to dialogue
• Treat each other respectfully
• Always act with integrity
• See each other as fellow human beings on a journey of discovery
• Within this space we will find levels of resolution instead of conflict

Slide 6: Gay and lesbian people go through several stages and a process in order to resolve the perceived conflict between their faith and sexuality. Straight individuals , churches and denominations also move through similar stages and process to come to a place of greater understanding about sexuality and gender identity.:

Slide 7: People move from left to right along the continuum. This process may happen over sometime. Events such as a suicide or a close friend or child coming out can accelerate the process.

Slide 8: People have an attitudinal shift and move along the continuum as they become more informed and aware. This learning can happen formally through education, self-learning or experientially. It’s highly unlikely that this change will occur unless there is some personal connection with LGBT people.

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“No conversation about us without us”