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    Hi Wayne
    Welcome to the Abbi family, I can resonate with some of what you described of your personal journey.
    The endless counselling I have had over the years.

    It seemed that I was hearing the same thing from both Christain and Secular counselling.

    The reason why i was craving to be accepted and loved by men, is because I had a overbearing mother and a passive father.
    Not having an ideal relationship with Dad added to my dysfunctional behaviour.

    To hear from both sides it must be true
    No we know that these statements are a lie and deceiving.

    Thanks Wayne in being so honest and open about your own journey.
    Take care and Bless

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    Hi Genevieve,

    Welcome to our open forum of trust and respect.

    Thankyou in sharing your personal story from a cocoon to a unique beautiful butterfly.

    Our stories are complex, painful but outstanding and beautiful.

    I remember having a heated conversation after I recently came out as a gay man,about the transgender progression.

    I simply say now walk in our shoes for a day and then come back to me,with your views.
    And we can continue with this conversation.

    I distinctly remember my first few months of coming out.
    Where I visioned myself, constantly wiping and scrubbing my body, of the lies and filth that were placed upon me / us.
    Some stains are permenatly there and cant be removed.

    It shows how far we have travelled and transformed as true and unique individuals.


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    Much appreciated to all and much love to all.

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    in reply to: Hidden Agenda #4216

    Hi Rainbow,

    Do your research first about the church and please be careful.

    Use your intuition and create safe and personal boundaries for your well being.

    I am speaking as a protector now.


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    in reply to: Hidden Agenda #4212

    Hi Rainbow

    Thanks for replying
    The conversation has changed in most pentecostals but when Homosexuality was described as a false form of Christainity
    I took that offensivley.

    I will still leave the door open for future conversations.

    I appreciate your involvement and feedback within the forum.

    I always remember worshipping God at a church many years ago and I asked him what do you look like

    He replied I look like you

    Each believer possess the Holy spirit and lives within all of us.

    Look after yourself

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    Hi Damian

    And welcome to our family,firstly thankyou for your openess and honesty of your own personal journey.

    I have connected to an amazing community church in Adelaide, that supports people from ALL walks of life and I can say it has been life saving for my personal journey in accepting my true identity.

    And we dont have to walk alone, it takes more than courage to unveil yourself and it takes courage to reach out to someone whom needs guidance.

    Welcome Damian

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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome to our family

    I came out 12 mths ago at 55 yrs young
    I find it amazing how we can bury our emotions deep into the abyss of our soul and learn when trigger points arise that challenge us
    We are able to adapt and continually make excuses.

    With me there were too many challenges in my life that I had not planned for.

    And BOOM
    All my emoitions poured out of me.

    But here we are
    Able to be true to ourselves.
    No denial
    No hiding
    No more excuses

    Welcome home

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    Hi Craig,
    Welcome to our family forum.
    I read your story this morning while having brekkie
    And still trying to filter what you have experienced in your life.

    While living in London I was involved in a religious cult for 5 yrs and the spiritual and emotional abuse was horrific.
    Returning home in the early 90s I was 8 stone my ribs were showing I looked like something out of a horror film.

    I have never felt so accepted as a person within the LGBTIQ Family and as we all let go of our past, which is not easy but embrace our true identity.
    And show love and compassion to others the foundations of false teaching will crumble.

    I thankyou Craig for the man that you are and your openess and honesty.

    Welcome home

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    Hi Jason,

    Thankyou for your personal story and demons that you have had to face.

    I didn’t have the courage to tell my mum of whom I really am, only when she was unconscious and her organs were shutting down.

    I held her hand and said i know you can hear me mum and went on explaining.

    But 8 hours later Mum returns and everything starts working again.

    You see this is still so very fresh to me as it was only in July this year.

    Mums last 2 days on earth were special as all that could come out of her mouth was my name and how she loved me.

    I would like to say to a Pentecostal minister that I approached the other week, and discussing about accepting the LGBTIQ Community in their church he replied and said Love has boundaries

    But after what I experienced in that hospital room was there were no boundaries what so ever.
    Between a Mother and Son.

    Be you Jason and always walk with your head high.
    Happy 25 anniversary Jason for next year.


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    Hi Apcarey

    Thankyou for your openess and honesty
    I am truly moved while reading your personal story

    It’s been 12 months now after I came out and boy oh boy what a f journey if I had known what I would have and still going through now
    I dont think i would’ve come out.

    After I decided I didn’t know anyone and people that I knew that would accept my true identity, i avoided them because i knew they would encourage me to come out fully.

    Through a dear friend, he advised me of a church that worships and accepts the LGBTIQ community.
    This was my first move into a community and for the first time in 32 years say
    I Am Gay
    But as I was walking towards the the church.
    Jesus whispered in my ear

    Mark follow me if you dare

    I knew this was going to be a different way a new way.
    I said YES
    As long as I hold your hand Jesus and you never let go of me, i will follow you.

    So yes Apcarey we will join him for that banquet as there is a seat already reserved for us all.
    And boy what a banquet that will be


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    Hi Ron

    I have heard people say
    Life is a Stage

    In some degree it is when your bleeding inside continually.
    But you still put on that happy happy persona and life is a big fat cherry pie.

    But it ain’t as our family knows

    But Ron we are real people and we are not hiding under a false personality

    So is Life a stage to some degree yes but with us
    What you see is what you get, lump it or leave it

    Bless and take care real good care.

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    I have read these books and they are books that you never stop reading because as we evolve and change to become the men God plans for us to be.
    We learn new attributes about ourselves and others.

    To all I highly recommend
    Loving Someone Gay
    Don Clark Ph. D

    Now in its 5th Edition.


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    Great heading Timber

    I recently gained courage to face the music
    I arranged solo a meeting with a Pentecostal minister whether I would be accepted in their church as a gay man.
    Yes of course God loves everyone.

    As the polite conversation continued my alarm bells rang

    His statements

    Love has boundaries
    We MUST surrender ALL not you can have 90% but I will keep 10%

    He gave a description of a upside triangle
    If we concentrate on only some of the scriptures and not the whole bible we become un balanced.
    And then the finale came.

    It says clear in the bible that adulteress, fornicators well we know the rest.

    I held myself together and we departed.
    Before leaving he gave me a book published by the church of the christain journey.

    He rang me a few days ago and wanted to know how the readings were going

    I said the book is still on my kitchen bench ,I haven’t had time due that I need finish a book I was reading
    Loving some one Gay

    The reply
    I will pray that the Word of God becomes the clearest voice of all.

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    Hi Rainbow child
    Thankyou for your positive feedback
    Nearly 12 months out
    One of the greatest challenges have been letting go of false teaching that because someone is gay is due to a possessive overbearing mother and a passive father.
    Which I possessed I was hearing from both the Christsin sector and endless counselling.
    It has taken over a year to acknowledge to myself
    That we are born gay hence God creates everything in his image and as i challenged a Pentecostal minister
    God never makes a mistake.

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