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    A few weeks ago, I decided to meet a minister from a Pentecostal church that I attended approx 3 years ago.

    I thought let’s face the music as I need to hear it for myself.
    I had two major questions to ask
    1) would i be accepted as a gay man into your church.

    2) if i had a partner would my partner and as a couple be accepted into your church.

    Minister replied with Sure God loves everybody.

    He gave me a book / journal provided by the church and given as a gift to new comers.

    As I began reading, i came across chapter 3
    Clause 3:4 False Claim Christianity

    False claim 1
    The church wrote
    A Lifestyle of sin does not refer to sin that has been dealt with.It refers to ongoing sin that we love, enjoy and plan to continue.
    When we walk with Christ, sin is no longer our strongest identity message, because it is no longer our LIFESTYLE.
    Biblical terms are mentioned through the next paragraph.
    and Homosexuality
    The church said that it is celebrated.

    The church states
    When we walk with Christ, sin is no longer our identity message because it is no longer our LIFESTYLE.

    As I left I was confused because the church said I would be welcome but my LIFESTYLE would have to cease
    And if that ceases then what about my partner, what I am reading I would have to say goodbye to him.

    But why I am writing this is because a few years ago at this very same church.
    I young gay man wanted to follow Christ , he went to church on a regular basis and showed commitment and passion in the teachings of Christ.
    On the night before his baptisimal the church refused to baptise him.

    because of his LIFESTYLE.

    this young, intelligent and inspiring man.
    Committed suicide shortly after.

    A welcoming church NO

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    That is a devastating end to a young person’s life, when he wanted to follow Christ and was rejected by the ones who are supposed to show unconditional love.

    There is too much ignorance, which breeds fear and a total lack of understanding.
    My prayer these days is for the wider church to become open to being educated.
    It’s time for the church to stop calling homosexuality a sin.

    I’m sorry that you got mixed messages from the pastor you met with. It was brave of you to broach the subject. It seems to me that he may have wanted to avoid any further discussion about the topic, and gave you a book which touched on the sin of living certain ‘lifestyles’. It’s very disappointing.
    Don’t give up on things changing. There’s always hope.

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    Hi Rainbow

    Thanks for replying
    The conversation has changed in most pentecostals but when Homosexuality was described as a false form of Christainity
    I took that offensivley.

    I will still leave the door open for future conversations.

    I appreciate your involvement and feedback within the forum.

    I always remember worshipping God at a church many years ago and I asked him what do you look like

    He replied I look like you

    Each believer possess the Holy spirit and lives within all of us.

    Look after yourself

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    I like that- “I look like you”.
    It’s true. We are made in God’s image, so it makes sense.

    I’m glad you’re open to more conversations in the future. If we keep chipping away …?


    Sue G
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    The only way forward is to attend churches which accept LGBTIQ people, celibate or not! MCC, some Uniting Churches (e.g., Pitt Street) and the Quakers are all accepting and affirming.

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    Sue G it’s awesome to have inclusive, safe and affirming congregations to belong to. I’m so thankful for my local MCC group of people.

    I’m also considering becoming part of a church group who may not be affirming. One reason is because they are more charismatic than our tiny MCC group, and I’m keen to be involved in more Holy Spirit stuff.

    Another reason would be to have conversation about the inclusivity of Jesus, and how the Bible doesn’t condemn same gender relationships etc.

    I will go carefully and prayerfully.

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    Hi Rainbow,

    Do your research first about the church and please be careful.

    Use your intuition and create safe and personal boundaries for your well being.

    I am speaking as a protector now.


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    Thanks for your thoughtfulness Phoenix. Feeling the love.

    Anthony Venn-Brown OAM
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    this is a really important discussion. Our post on Welcoming, Accepting and Affirming churches is probably relevant here

    Good on you Phoenix for reaching out. Have you seen the post or listened to the presentation on being an ambassador

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