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    Telling Your Story

    We would love you to share your story. If you have read some others journeys in the ‘Telling Your Story’ forum then you should have a good idea of how its done. Here are some tips for getting your story up there in the most accessible way possible:

    1. In the Subject, use concise terms that will help others who might have similar experiences to you to find your story. Avoid vague titles like “My Story”. Some good examples are:
      1. “Lesbian 34 not out – Questioning”
      2. “Michele – Transgender Christian”
      3. “Bobby 45 – Once Pentecostal Now Spiritual”
      4. “Changed Straight Christian 38 – Changed my Beliefs not my Orientation”
      5. “Christine 19 Bi? – Still Working it all Out”.
      6. “Male, 23, in the ministry, still in the closet”
    2. Keep your story under 1000 words. History tells us stories over 1000 words don’t get read.
    3. Use headings and paragraphs to break large chunks of text up. People find it difficult to read a wall of text.
    4. After submitting, subscribe to your post! Once you’ve created a thread, hit the “Subscribe” button to receive email updates whenever someone posts a reply.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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