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    Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International provides this forum in the interests of connection, dialogue and support. Our moderators are volunteers who give their time intermittently are not trained health professionals. There if you or someone you know is at risk of self-harm, or otherwise in need of crisis support in Australia, please call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14, or the Suicide Call Back Service on 1 300 659 467. If out of Australia then google Crisis Support to find your closet organisation.

    Our forums are a SAFE space.

    This forum is a totally lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex (LGBTI) affirming space. You are welcome here if you have genuine questions. We don’t tolerate verbal abuse, threats. or proselytizing. We don’t tolerate people with a anti-LGBTI agenda. We recongise that LGBTI people from Christian backgrounds have different journeys. Some have rejected their previous Christian belief system, some redefined it, some integrated it and others still working it out. All are welcome here and fellow ABBIchat members should respect others journeys,

    Follow these guidelines to ensure the forum remains an important, positive and supportive community.

    1. Tone. Keep it respectful – always. No verbal attacks or name calling.
    2. Allow others a point of view and opinion… that’s what makes this world a wonderful place. Remember that we are all at different places in our journeys. The ultimate place for us all is peace with God, ourselves and others.
    3. This is a cruise-free zone, free of a sexual agenda. No flirting or coming on to other members of the group in your posts. One report-one warning. Two reports – banned.
    4. Sometimes humour doesn’t translate well on the web as we can’t see your face of hear your tone of voice. Use emoticons, lol or hehe.
    5. No offensive language, images, or embedded videos.
    6. Don’t use the forum to push your own agenda or beliefs. There is quite a difference between sharing and proselytizing. We share here.
    7. No individual has all the right answers. They just think they do.
    8. We all have our triggers that can be set off by what someone says. If a particular post upsets you and makes you angry. There are several things you can do. (a) Ignore it (b) not reply immediately, settle down, and then post intelligently and thoughtfully instead of emotionally. Do not attack the other person or (c) Do everything in (b) and message the person to make the discussion private instead of on the forum. Proverbs says. “A soft answer turns away wrath”
    9. If you are not happy to abide by these guidelines then best you don’t waste your time by joining. If someone is not abiding by the guildelines the process is simple – one report-one warning. Two reports – banned. We value safety and respect here
    10. Enjoy your time with us and have fun…
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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