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    Terms such as ‘ex-gay’, ‘reparative therapy’ or ‘unwanted same-sex-attraction’ are  now broadly agreed to come under the term ‘gay conversion therapy’ of ‘conversion therapy’. When speaking about current ‘conversion therapy’ we are referring to:

    1. A false ideology that says same-sex-orientation and transgenderism are unnatural, and the result of improper development.
    2. A variety of methodologies purported to help people change or suppress their orientation or gender identity. In religious contexts, these methodologies could include a specific program, prayer, faith, Bible study, will-power, support groups, or one on one ‘counselling’ with a church or ministry leader.

    Guidelines for writing your story

    Firstly you need to decide what level of disclosure you want. This is a publicly accessible forum but if you have registered with a username that doesn’t identify you have more freedom.


    • What program/s or methodologies do you go through
    • How long did you invest in attempting to change
    • What happened to you while you were going through the therapy/programs. Specific impacts.
    • Why did you leave or finish your  attempts to change
    • Was there any ongoing negative impact after you left/finished the therapy/programs
    • What is your understanding now re your sexual orientation gender identity
    • In a sentence or two what would you say to anyone considering attempting to change their sexual orientation or gender identity


    In order to get the reader to keep reading your story we’ve found that 600 to 800 worlds works best. More than that then people stop reading. You have a 1,000 word limit here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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