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Genevieve Doyle
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Anthony I totally agree with your commentary about terms like ‘the gay lifestyle’. As my wife and I like to joke whilst pushing the shopping trolley ‘living the gay agenda’! What bothers me is the non-scientific mentality we have to deal with – it’s quite clear in science that there is a spectrum of physical sexuality and brain sexuality. So why do viewpoints that are not backed by science get a run? Our society denies objective reality, go ahead and make-up stuff, everyone’s viewpoint is valid, no matter how uneducated!

This is the reality us trans people have to deal with – and I imagine that our situation is far from unique – that because others can not imagine our life experience that it is not valid and not real!

Just a fact – intersex individuals exist in all vertebrate species. Evolutionary theory would state that therefore the trait first appeared in the earliest common ancestor….intersex precedes the human race! We are acting like it’s optional to accept a truth that is older than us!