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Genevieve Doyle
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I do indeed find it offensive, but of course it fits with their approach that we are incredibly broken and sinful if they can imply that we are voluntarily that way.

It’s also why I despise the use of terms like ’the gay lifestyle’ and the ’trans lifestyle’ – they are used to imply volition, deviance and casual sex and debauchery. I would say that almost every trans person that has told me their story that, if anything, they ran like crazy in the other direction until they realised that it couldn’t work, and the story of facing suicide or death vs coming out and transitioning is extremely common if not ubiquitous.

I know from friends that trans people are not the only ones that face an existential crisis before accepting themselves. The fact that there are people being counselled for internalised homophobia and internalised transphobia speaks volumes about it being far from self-indulgent fantasy.

The more recent focus against trans people is quite maddening. The insinuation of predatory conduct in public restrooms by transwomen is both ignorant and offensive. It’s also stupid, as in good luck spotting all of us! We’re not all the ‘man in a dress’ stereotype at all, we could be that woman that just caught your hetero husband’s gaze for all you know! It’s fundamentally ignorant as it completely fails to deal with that most transwomen are undergoing hormonal therapy that equates to chemical castration. Typically, a transwoman has negligible testosterone in their body (natal women can be up to half of a man), and estrogen well above an average woman and closer to that of a pregnant woman. Quite frankly, transwomen are far more likely to exhibit maternal behaviour than that of a sexual predator. Also, to be really blunt…. the equipment doesn’t work.

The launch of political groups dedicated to the promotion of the dogma that there is a sex binary – in the face of scientific facts such as a consistent birth rate of 1.7% intersex individuals – is particularly aggravating. Yet this is the weird point in human history we find ourselves at – like a full circle back to the pre-scientific era – people now think the strength of their convictions can substitute for objective reality.