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Hi Jason,

Thankyou for your personal story and demons that you have had to face.

I didn’t have the courage to tell my mum of whom I really am, only when she was unconscious and her organs were shutting down.

I held her hand and said i know you can hear me mum and went on explaining.

But 8 hours later Mum returns and everything starts working again.

You see this is still so very fresh to me as it was only in July this year.

Mums last 2 days on earth were special as all that could come out of her mouth was my name and how she loved me.

I would like to say to a Pentecostal minister that I approached the other week, and discussing about accepting the LGBTIQ Community in their church he replied and said Love has boundaries

But after what I experienced in that hospital room was there were no boundaries what so ever.
Between a Mother and Son.

Be you Jason and always walk with your head high.
Happy 25 anniversary Jason for next year.