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Great heading Timber

I recently gained courage to face the music
I arranged solo a meeting with a Pentecostal minister whether I would be accepted in their church as a gay man.
Yes of course God loves everyone.

As the polite conversation continued my alarm bells rang

His statements

Love has boundaries
We MUST surrender ALL not you can have 90% but I will keep 10%

He gave a description of a upside triangle
If we concentrate on only some of the scriptures and not the whole bible we become un balanced.
And then the finale came.

It says clear in the bible that adulteress, fornicators well we know the rest.

I held myself together and we departed.
Before leaving he gave me a book published by the church of the christain journey.

He rang me a few days ago and wanted to know how the readings were going

I said the book is still on my kitchen bench ,I haven’t had time due that I need finish a book I was reading
Loving some one Gay

The reply
I will pray that the Word of God becomes the clearest voice of all.