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Wow CanadianJoel, that is quite a story. I continue hearing about the negative affects some fundamental and Pentecostal church groups have had or are having on young LGBTQI people, and it saddens me deeply. The very place where we should find unconditional love and acceptance, we instead find hostility and judgement. And this happens due to fear and ignorance. I wonder why such church leaders are so closed to further learning, and seem to be unaware of the damage their dogmatic doctrines incur to vulnerable people?

I commend you for being on the road to a healthy place of self-acceptance. You are right to set boundaries with certain family members, as this is important to your journey to complete wholeness. I hope you will find an affirming church group, should you feel the need. There are some wonderful LGBTQI Christians out there who offer a space where you can be who you are and experience the love and support you need.

Let’s hope for a day when every church group will be a safe haven for all people, and not just a select few.