An open letter to Australia’s pastors and church leaders

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As a regular preacher in churches across Australia I was once considered a leader within the Pentecostal, Charismatic and Evangelical worlds. Many of you were my peers, some sat under my ministry, I taught some of you in Bible college, some were my friends and thankfully some still are. And for years now I have [...]


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NOMINATION FOR THE 2015 ACON HONOUR AWARDS  We would like to nominate Anthony Venn-Brown for his 15 years of work to bring ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy practices and organisations to an end in Australia. For over four decades in Australia and overseas, ex-gay/reparative/conversion ministries have preached the same message. Homosexuality is sin Gay and lesbian people are [...]

“I can see the demons in your eyes” – Larry Petree

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I stopped counting the number of emails I get from readers when I hit 1000 some years ago. Thankfully, most are very encouraging.This one below came out of the blue, unsolicited; with no introduction, 'Dear Anthony' or what prompted him to send it. Quite strange considering Dr. Larry Petree has supposedly earned a Bachelor of [...]

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