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Conversion Therapy in Australia – REPORT

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Conversion Therapy in Australia The state of the nation ‘I have been through conversion therapy including help from pastors, counsellors and Christian acquaintances, I have been at this attempt to change for 14 years.  I am currently in a relationship with a woman who I love, but down deep I am in a lot of [...]

‘I am profoundly unsettled’: inside the hidden world of gay conversion therapy (SMH)

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'I am profoundly unsettled': inside the hidden world of gay conversion therapy "Gay conversion" is discredited in Australia yet "fixing" same-sex attraction remains a mission for some groups – often with tragic results. By Farrah Tomazin 9 March 2018 It’s been 25 years since I realised I was gay, and for the first time in [...]

The No Campaign: Scaremongering 10/10 – Originality 0/10

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Fear is a powerful force. Ask any gay or lesbian person. Fear kept many of us locked in closets for years. Marketers know how powerful fear is as a motivator that can sell virtually anything including  tires,  insurance, even breakfast cereal and deodorant. We purchase  things that previously were considered unnecessary: antibacterial soap, alarm systems, [...]

An open letter to Australia’s pastors and church leaders

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As a regular preacher in churches across Australia I was once considered a leader within the Pentecostal, Charismatic and Evangelical worlds. Many of you were my peers, some sat under my ministry, I taught some of you in Bible college, some were my friends and thankfully some still are. And for years now I have [...]

Did the Australian Christian Lobby choose the wrong heroes?

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In their recent newsletter titled 'Now is a time for courage', Lyle Sheldon, the director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) told their supporters: Right now, Australia is at a crossroads. What you and I do between now and when we vote on the future of marriage will shape the nation our children and grandchildren [...]

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