“Walking Between Worlds” Seminar Empowers LGBTQ Community Workers and Professionals on the Gold Coast

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 13 June 2023 "Walking Between Worlds" Seminar Empowers LGBTQ Community Workers and Professionals on the Gold Coast Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI) is thrilled to announce its upcoming seminar titled "Walking Between Worlds," aimed at empowering LGBTQ community workers and professionals. The event will be held on 1 July 2023 at [...]

Walking Between Worlds Seminar – Gold Coast-Brisbane-Northern NSW

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#WalkingBetweenWorlds is a specifically designed seminar for anyone who works with LGBTQ individuals, including LGBTQ community workers and liaison officers, social and youth workers, mental health professionals, school and telephone counsellors, chaplains, church workers, healthcare and youth workers, etc. And LGBTQ people from faith backgrounds. Understanding the LGBTQ faith person’s background, worldview, belief systems and [...]

The Savvy Ally – review and interview

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Apparently, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I probably would not have known about “The Savvy Ally” by Jeannie Gainsburg, had it not been for a quote of mine in the book. The publisher contacted me for permission to use the quote.……..which I gave. I requested a copy which arrived once the [...]

Moving forward – Chapter 21 A Life of Unlearning (2nd ed)

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Chapter 21 A Life of Unlearning (2nd edition) - Moving forward The first and second  editions of A Life of Unlearning sold out. Information about the 3rd edition HERE  The week after the launch of the first edition of A Life of Unlearning, I invited the Honourable Justice Michael Kirby to lunch. This would be a [...]

Epilogue – A Life of Unlearning 2004

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Epilogue - A Life of Unlearning– coming out of the church, one man’s struggle'. Published by New Holland. (2004 edition) Who should I blame for the heartache and trauma I went through? Can I blame the denominational leaders for their lack of understanding? Can I blame my friends in the ministry who deserted me in [...]

Hillsong and LGBTQ

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Hillsong and LGBTQ It seems a lot of people want to know about Hillsong and LGBTQ. I've learnt not to trust all journalists. Most are good, but not all. Some  have "used" my story to push their own agendas. I was more interested in "the cause" than wanting to enhance their careers with a sensationalist [...]

Human Rights Conference – Sydney World Pride 2023

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Presentation at the Human Rights Conference Sydney World Pride 2023 Anthony Venn-Brown OAM Founder and CEO of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International Author of the bestseller A Life of Unlearning Watch on ABC iView (Starts at 15:45) “In 1952, the year after I was born, the American Psychiatric Association released their first Diagnostic Statistic [...]

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