New South Wales Bans Conversion Therapy

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New South Wales Bans Conversion Therapy At last. Sanity has prevailed. After a marathon debate on Thursday night that concluded with a vote at 6.30am, conversion “therapy” is banned in New South Wales. Considering that homosexuality was removed from the list of mental illnesses half a century ago, this legislation signifies that, as [...]

Aaron Kelly tells his powerful story – a gay man who was a pastor

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"Continually chasing ‘healing’ is the only way forward many LGTBQ Christians can see, with practices that subtly brainwash individuals into believing their core identity is sinful. I’ve attended multiple conferences where speakers urge people to come to the stage for “freedom” from the “sin of homosexuality and sexual perversion”. Often hundreds of people run to [...]

Jeremy – gay teen, Opus Dei, Catholicism, Courage International

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Jeremy, as a gay teen, experienced a dangerous mix of Opus Dei, a committed Roman Catholic family and school, a Catholic suppression/celibacy organisation and misguided priests and therapists. I knew I was gay from 13 years old, and came out to my friends and family a few years later. I grew up in the conservative [...]

Dismissed Denied and Demeaned – introduction by The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG

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Trying to get your head around to what extent religious individuals and organisations can discriminate against others who are not of their faith or beliefs but who also have basic human rights? This introduction, written by the Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG (former Justice of the High Court of Australia), for Equality Australia's comprehensive report [...]

Uniting Church clergy support Government ban on conversion therapy

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15 March 2024 Media release Uniting Church clergy support Government ban on conversion therapy Over 35 Uniting Church clergy have endorsed an open letter to the Premier supporting a Government Bill which would ban conversion therapy on the grounds of gender identity and sexual orientation. “LGBTIQA+ people are the beloved children of God”, stated the [...]

Open letter to NSW Parliamentarians – Conversion “therapy” ban

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Dear Members of the New South Wales Parliament For over two decades, I've been a vocal advocate to end so-called conversion "therapy" and actively supported and worked alongside over 4,000 survivors. My journey as a survivor began in 1972 when, unbeknownst to me, I became one of the initial individuals worldwide subjected to what would [...]

Carlton Pearson – can a Pentecostal megachurch preacher become LGBTQ affirming?

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Carlton Pearson, famous Pentecostal megachurch preacher and one of the original televangelists, passed away last week at 70. So young. I had the delight of spending a day with the man in 2013. I had hoped to reconnect when I next visited Tulsa. Sadly, that will never happen now. He’s left an inspiring legacy; Pentecostal [...]

Michael Voris, anti-gay Catholic, resigns under a cloud

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UPDATE: Told you so Michael Voris, the founder of the disgusting right wing Catholic organisation, The Church Militant, has resigned. The press release didn’t give any details except that Voris “has been asked to resign for breaching the Church Militant morality clause. The board has accepted his resignation.” The organisation was reluctant to give [...]

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