Andrew’s Story – Gay In A Pentecostal Church

Andrew shares his story about being gay in a pentecostal church, movingly and with some humour. No doubt you’ll laugh and cry as many did on the night.

Andrew shared his story at the recent launch of ‘A Life of Unlearning’ (3rd edition)

  • What is it like when you come to realise you are gay in a church that believes it is a sin?
  • How does leadership respond when you feel brave enough to share your secret?
  • What does one have to work through, once you realise you no longer belong?

gay in a pentecostal church

“My world instantly collapsed. Leadership asked me to leave the worship team. I was asked not to tell anyone and as a result I became incredibly isolated in my sin.

I sobbed most of those days. I felt numb. I feared that this sense of evilness and isolation would never end. My friends of 10 plus years were not able to offer support or love because they were kept totally in the dark.

I was encouraged to exercise to enhance my masculinity, we prayed the demons off my back and I was sent to an outside minister for counselling who had a specialisation in homosexuality and more earth shatteringly for me child sex offenders.

I felt evil beyond words. I felt demons crawling all over my body and the depths of despair cannot be described here in this speech. The identity I had curated within God’s eyes had vanished overnight.”

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