UPDATE: Told you so https://www.washingtonpost.com/style/media/2024/02/24/michael-voris-church-militant-shirtless-selfies/

Michael Voris, the founder of the disgusting right wing Catholic organisation, The Church Militant, has resigned. The press release didn’t give any details except that Voris “has been asked to resign for breaching the Church Militant morality clause. The board has accepted his resignation.”

The organisation was reluctant to give details of Voris’s moral failure, saying the board “has chosen not to disclose Michael’s private matters to the public.” To me, the situation is pretty obvious.

After the deaths of his brother and mother in the early 2000s.Voris became, what I would call, a “reconverted Catholic with a vengeance”.

After his reconversion, he became an “aggressive global advocate for conservative Catholics… on a burning mission to save Catholicism and America by trying to warn the public about what is a decline of morality in society,” a Detroit Free Press Staff Writer reported.

The Church Militant has attacked many things but is well known for two; attacking the Roman Catholic Church itself and the LGBTQ community. It has been classed as a “hate group”.

Voris kept his “sinful past” guarded for many years, but 8 years ago he revealed the details.

“For most of my years in my thirties, confused about my own sexuality, I lived a life of live-in relationships with homosexual men. From the outside, I lived the lifestyle and contributed to scandal in addition to the sexual sins. On the inside, I was deeply conflicted about all of it. In a large portion of my twenties, I also had frequent sexual liaisons with both adult men and adult women.”

The Church Militant’s board  chose “not to disclose Michael’s Voris’s private matters to the public”, but on Tuesday night, Voris released a 13 minute video on X where he revealed.

“Sometimes it takes very horrible events, even at your own hand, in your life to surface certain things that need to be faced. There are some very, very ugly truths from my past that I, for essentially 62 years, have avoided facing because … I wanted them resolved, but I understand that touching that pain is going to be a very horrible thing.”

“I need to conquer these demons,” he said, referring both to what he called “act-out demons” and “the underlying cause of it.”

It seems pretty clear to me what this is all about. I’ve been there.

For years, I also struggled to suppress my sexuality. I tried everything to rid myself of the “curse of homosexuality”; conversion “therapy”, exorcisms, fasting. I expected marriage would finally fix it. It didn’t.

When people suppress, deny, and hate their homosexuality, it surfaces in ugly ways: sometimes publicly, sometimes lurking in dark, secret places. Many become anti-gay preachers (the list of caught out anti-gay preachers is enormous). Thank god I was never one of those. Possibly Voris’s internalised homophobia has been the driving force behind his anti-LGBTQ activities. It’s not an uncommon phenomenon.

For me, my suppression and self-hatred played out as a sexual addiction. An obession that plagued me for decades. “What you resist, persists” was definitely true in my life. I lived a double life. It all came undone when, at 40, I fell in love with a man and I was exposed. The cloak of denial I’d wrapped myself in for years was ripped away. Like Voris, I was quick to try to make amends  and confessed ….but giving no details; they were too horrific, too shameful. To name our demons is to own them. Spiritualizing them, as Voris has done, is a form of Christian denial. I lived like that for ages.

Considering Michael Voris has been such a controversial public figure, the media will search out the details he is reluctant to reveal of what actually happened and splash it across our newsfeeds with click-baiting headlines.

The public scandal and humiliation are devastating. One never recovers quickly from these traumas, but I’m one of the lucky ones who made it through the hurt, pain and grief, became authentic and found a new purpose in life. A life, as an openly gay man, that is making a difference to thousands now.

I hope and pray that Michael Voris finds the same, but I know it will take years.

Right now, he doesn’t need another reconversion to his religion; he needs a conversion to authenticity, humility, and integrity.

UPDATE: Told you so https://www.washingtonpost.com/style/media/2024/02/24/michael-voris-church-militant-shirtless-selfies/