Please note the influence gender, age,  and education have on attitudes towards homosexuality. Also worth noting is that obviously church leadership is out of step with their congregants’ attitudes and beliefs.

A study Mapping Homophobia In Australia by the Australia Institute released in July shows that more than one third of Australians are homophobic: 43% of men and 27% of women view homosexuality as immoral. The study of almost 25,000 people was conducted from October 2003 to September 2004.

It quotes a report from the NSW Attorney General’s Department which showed that 85% of gay men and lesbians experienced harassment or violence during their lifetime, with one in four gay men and lesbians being physically attacked.

Same-sex attracted youth, the study notes, account for between 5-11% of the general population, but they are estimated to be six times more likely to attempt suicide.

Only 34% Catholics believe homosexuality is immoral with similar numbers in Anglican and Uniting Churches.

Older Australians are considerably more homophobic than young adults;

Men are consistently more likely to view homosexuality as immoral than women; and

Homophobic attitudes are closely related to levels of education − 25 percent of those with tertiary education hold homophobic views compared to 40-50 per cent among those who did not complete high school.

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