Faith, Sexuality and Gender Identity

– creating new narratives

LGBTQIA+ Leadership & Allyship Summit

“Anthony’s presentation ‘Faith, Sexuality and Gender Identity’ was a compelling, powerful, and surprisingly hilarious keynote at our LGBTQIA+ Leadership and Allyship Summit in Sydney.

Not only was he the equal top-rated speaker for the event, he tackled a deeply personal but also potentially inflammatory topic within the community, the nexus of sexuality and faith.

Where many in the room may have had negative past experiences, triggers and even hostility to the topic, Anthony deftly approached the idea of reconciliation and how to create new narratives for a future harmony, and had us all chuckling in the process.

Thank you Anthony!”

Dr Paul Mumme

Leadership Portfolio Director (He/Him)

The Hatchery –  Connecting people with knowledge to inspire change

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