“Walking Between Worlds” Seminar Empowers LGBTQ Community Workers and Professionals on the Gold Coast

Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI) is thrilled to announce its upcoming seminar titled “Walking Between Worlds,” aimed at empowering LGBTQ community workers and professionals. The event will be held on 1 July 2023 at Southport Community Centre, Southport on the beautiful Gold Coast and is being hosted by the Universal Church of Love Inc.

The seminar is designed to provide valuable insights, tools, and resources to individuals working with LGBTQ individuals, including social workers, mental health professionals, school counselors, chaplains, telephone counselors, LGBTQ liaison officers, church workers, healthcare, and youth workers. It promises to be an invaluable opportunity for attendees to enhance their understanding, skills, and competencies to better support and advocate for the LGBTQ individuals and the community.

“Walking Between Worlds” will be presented by Anthony Venn-Brown OAM, Australia’s leading authority on the intersectionality of faith, sexuality, and gender identity. Anthony will share from his over two decades of expertise, experiences, and best practices through an informative and engaging presentation.

“When my autobiography was released, my inbox was inundated with emails saying, ‘your story is my story’. Patterns quickly became clear and the LGBTQ people from religious backgrounds are one of the highest risk groups in several key areas. These included mental health issues, thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts.” Venn-Brown said. “I’ll be sharing what I have learnt working with 1,000’s of these people for over two decades,” Venn-Brown added.

Attendees can expect to gain practical knowledge on various topics, including:

  1. Strategies for supporting LGBTQ individuals from faith backgrounds and addressing their unique mental health challenges.
  2. Separate strategies to resolve belief system, sexual identity and scripture
  3. Creating non-judgmental, safe spaces for LGBTQ people of faith
  4. Exploring the intersection of LGBTQ identities with ethnicity, religion, and other social factors.
  5. Effective methods for building rapport, trust, and support with LGBTQ individuals.

The seminar will foster networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals in their field. It will also provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and success stories in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of individuals who provide LGBTQ support services.

The seminar is hosted by the Universal Church of Love, the only LGBTQ affirming congregation on the Gold Coast.

Pastor Shane St Reynolds, the founder of the Universal Church of Love, said he knows the challenges personally. “As a gay man of faith, I have experienced the issues addressed at the seminar. Discrimination, bullying and rejection from other Christians have been a part of my journey. It can be very painful. We are excited host Anthony and learn from his wisdom working in this space”, he said.

ABBI and the Universal Church of Love invites all interested individuals working within the LGBTQ community, including social workers, mental health professionals, school counselors, chaplains, telephone counselors, LGBTQ liaison officers, church workers, healthcare workers, and youth workers, to attend this transformative event. Participants will gain valuable knowledge, insights, and tools to better serve their LGBTQ clients and communities.

Event Details:

Date: 1 July 2023

Time: 10:00am – 4:30pm

Venue: Southport Community Centre, Room G4

Address: 6 Lawson St, Southport QLD 4215


To register for the seminar, please visit

For media inquiries, interview requests, or further information, please contact:

Shane St Reynolds

Universal Church of Love Inc

0408 426 808

About the presenter:

Anthony Venn-Brown OAM is a prominent Australian LGBTQ leader and author. As the founder of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI), he is dedicated to supporting LGBTQ individuals through education, advocacy, and community building. Formerly a high-profile Pentecostal preacher, Anthony uses his platform to overcome ignorance and misinformation, and promote inclusivity. His impactful work continues to inspire and empower others worldwide. More information here

 About ABBI:

Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (AB June BI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advocating for the LGBTQ community. ABBI strives to create safe spaces, promote visibility, and foster understanding and acceptance for individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. For more information, visit

About the Universal Church of Love:

The Universal Church of Love is a diverse and inclusive spiritual community based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Dedicated to spreading love, faith, and hope, the church offers a welcoming environment for individuals seeking spiritual growth, community and support. They aim to empower individuals to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives rooted in love and compassion.