Apparently, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I probably would not have known about “The Savvy Ally” by Jeannie Gainsburg, had it not been for a quote of mine in the book. The publisher contacted me for permission to use the quote.……..which I gave. I requested a copy which arrived once the work was published recently.

You’d think, as an LGBTQIA+ community leader and trainer in Diversity and Inclusion, I’d know it all. But I learned new stuff, was reminded of old truths, and gained new insights reading Jeannie’s wonderful book.

One thinks that those not a part of the LGBTQIA+ community have a lot to learn. From my experience, the same could be said of the queer community. Frequently I’m asked, not only by heterosexuals, but gay friends, “what does the ‘A’ and what does the ‘I’ stand for. There are even some who are upset about the “alphabet soup”, as some have called it.

Jeannie’s nearly two decades of training in Diversity and Inclusion shines through the work. She has a warm, conversational style of writing as she shares how to deal with those awkward moments of pronouns and the obvious stereotypes and more. It’s not theory; it’s all personal experience.

Peppered throughout the book are wonderful “Helpful Hints”, “Pop Quizzes”, “Fun Facts”, which add additional wealth to the work.

Considering the current push back on LGBTQIA+ rights and particularly the disgusting attacks on transgender and gender diverse people, “The Savvy Ally” is timely. As I often say, “the real enemy is ignorance”.

“The Savvy Ally” is definitely the allies’ bible but so much more. Highly recommended.

Anthony Venn-Brown

Author of the bestseller A Life of Unlearning 

Interview with the author of The Savvy Ally, Jeannie Gainsburg

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