LGBTQ Religious Trauma, Resolution Options and PTSD

Having worked with 1,000s of LGBTQ people from Christian backgrounds, I’ve had lots of experience with LGBTQ Religious Trauma. I was invited to join a lineup of 15 speakers at the Shameless Sexuality: Life After Purity Culture conference in the US.

In my presentation ‘A Life of Unlearning – from Gay Shame to Gay Pride’, I cover four themes.

  1. Scripture resolution process – for LGBTQ people from strongly biblically-based churches,  one of the major sources of conflict are the six passages that speak of same-sex activity. It is important to not only understand the historical and cultural contexts of these isolated passages but also the cognitive process that enables us to find resolution.
  2. Belief resolution options – when your Christian belief system is challenged, many people feel there are only two options; accept or reject. I present 10 different options.
  3. Sexuality resolution process – why is coming out for many LGBTQ people from Christian backgrounds so difficult? Does acceptance of your sexuality solve the problems? How do you know when you have arrived?
  4. PTSD and strategies of management – it is not uncommon for LGBTQ from Christian backgrounds to have experienced some level of trauma. This trauma can simply trigger a variety of subconscious and conscious responses whilst others develop complex PTSD. In this section, I share 14 strategies I’ve used to manage my PTSD.

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