Sy Rogers misled me and I tried to be straight for the next 27 years

“I was 20 years old, and a Christian when I first met Sy Rogers. I was in the closet and severely troubled as  I knew the Assemblies of God church I attended opposed homosexuality.

I was invited to a small private meeting in an upstairs’ room in Hindley St, Adelaide organised by some church group which I can no longer recall. I remember clearly though, from his talk and presentation, including photos of when he was dressed as a woman, I left believing that being gay must be a choice and I didn’t have to be gay if I didn’t want to be.

I was profoundly misled and went on to trying to be straight for the next 27 years.

I took every opportunity to hear Sy preach several times at C3 Oxford Falls and also at Hillsong. After the preaching, I’d always go and buy the recordings and studied what he had to say. If God could do it for Sy, then He could do it for me, I believed.

Whenever he preached, he gave me a false hope that I didn’t have to be gay, and I just had to keep trying. Trying meant prayers for deliverance, marrying a good Christian woman, having children, and constantly dealing with the guilt and shame of having gay thoughts daily.

One thing always bothered me – he never once said, “I am now completely straight and heterosexual”.

Don F.”

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