I’m not a betting man, but I’d be happy to make a wager that the person who wrote the statement below in the Citipointe Christian College contract was rather aged. It could have been lifted from the writings of Socarides, Bergler or Bieber. In the 1950s and 1960s, these men were the “experts” on homosexuality – over half a century ago. They’d grown up in a society where homosexuals were considered perverts, sexual psychopaths and paedophiles. Homosexuals were imprisoned, institutionalised and underwent horrific “treatments”. As self-proclaimed “experts”, they’d built sizable reputations on their methodologies of “curing” gay men and therefore opposed the 1973 American Psychiatric Association’s decision to remove homosexuality as an illness from its diagnostic manual. Even though their work has been discredited and theories debunked, they continue to be quoted in Christian books and websites today.

“We believe that any form of sexual immorality (including but not limited to: adultery, fornication, homosexual acts, bisexual acts, bestiality, incest, paedophilia, and pornography) Is sinful and offensive to God and is destructive to human relationships and society.” Citipointe Christian College Contract 2022

“Homosexuality is a psychological and psychiatric disorder, there is no question about it. It is a purple menace that is threatening the proper design of gender distinctions in society.” Charles W. Socarides

“I have no bias against homosexuals; for me they are sick people requiring medical help . . . Still, though I have no bias, I would say:  Homosexuals are essentially disagreeable people, regardless of their pleasant or unpleasant outward manner… [their] shell is a mixture of superciliousness, fake aggression, and whimpering.  Like all psychic masochists, they are subservient when confronted with a stronger person, merciless when in power, unscrupulous about trampling on a weaker person” Edmund Bergler.1956

“The central question is: Is homosexuality a normal sexual variant, that develops like left‐handedness does in some people, or does it represent some kind of disturbance in sexual development? There is no question in my mind: Every male homosexual goes through an initial stage of heterosexual development, and in all homosexuals, there has been a disturbance of normal heterosexual development, as a result of fears which produce anxieties and inhibitions of sexual function. His sexual adaptation is a substitutive adaptation. I’d like to give you an analogy. In polio, you get a range of reactions of injuries. Some kids are totally paralyzed. Their walking function is gone. Others are able to walk with braces, others have enough muscle left so that they can be rehabilitated and can actually gel to walk by themselves. The analogy falls down only in that the injury of polio is irreversible. But what you have in a homosexual adult is a person whose heterosexual function is crippled like the legs of a polio victim.” Irving Bieber 1973

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